Bevy appoints Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing and Alex Mytton as brand ambassadors

MICBevy is proud to announce the signing of Made in Chelsea stars Jamie Laing and Alex Mytton as Brand Ambassadors for the disruptive alcohol and convenience delivery app. In their official role for Bevy, the stars will be making appearances at company events, helping market the brand through a myriad of exciting and experiential stunts and promotions, and may even be spotted doing surprise deliveries to lucky customers of the app.

“This is exactly what is needed when you check the fridge in the middle of a party and there isn’t anything left. We’ve definitely been caught out far too many times without a bottle in hand, so this app is a life saver and we’re thrilled to get onboard!” said Laing.

Bevy is the EU’s first on-demand alcohol delivery app servicing much of central London within 30 minutes. The brand’s identity is sociable, fun and cheeky – traits that are shared with the likeable Laing and Mytton.

A lifeline to many Millennials, Bevy is open until 5am ensuring that running out of wine at a dinner party or turning up to a friend’s empty handed are a thing of the past. From Prosecco to Lucky Charms, Bevy’s discreet ‘Butlers on motorbikes’ will deliver to your location – the app even allows you track their progress via GPS.

Bevy4With its fleet of discreet Butlers on motorbikes, Bevy puts the off-licence in the palm of your hand by offering independent retailers an on-demand digital platform. For the first time local convenience stores can compete with large chains to provide alcohol, tobacco, snacks and more all at the touch of a button.

The app is the brainchild of three founders who are active in the London social scene and recognised the lack of any app that delivers alcohol and impulse products, especially into the late hours. With no order minimums or cheeky hidden fees, just a £5 flat delivery charge, Bevy is set to fill that gap in the market.

Marco Saio, Bevy’s COO and Co-founder: “Having Alex and Jamie as fans of the brand has been phenomenal. We are delighted to have the cheeky Chelsea boys as our official Ambassadors.”

Mytton commented: “The Bevy app has saved our nights on so many occasions; we are looking forward to helping Londoners stay well stocked!”

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