AMV BBDO are sticking with Pride

AMV has joined forces with GSN’s Digital Pride to create a set of 180+ Digital Pride GIPHY stickers, allowing people to express their Pride digitally.

Pride. The colourful and joyous promotion of self-affirmation, dignity and equality by LGBT+ communities around the world. But with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing governments to restrict and even ban large public gatherings, many Pride 2020 celebrations have been postponed or cancelled.

Creatives Ant Eagle and Claire Gordon-Webster were truly saddened by the situation and wanted to find virtual solutions to create a digital sense of celebration, community and inclusion.

In collaboration with Gay Star News (GSN) and Digital Pride, a virtual Pride festival that aims to create a safe space for anyone and everyone wanting to take part in pride celebrations, Ant and Claire devised ‘Sticking with Pride’.

‘Just as one might don a feather boa and sparkly hot pants to take part in the IRL Pride celebrations, we created a range of Digital Pride 2020 GIPHY stickers for our audience to augment their own Pride celebration content with, helping them feel part of the online celebrations and connected to one another. Users can search for the Digital Pride stickers on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat and then add them to their own pride stories’. 

From a digital rainbow that jumps between two phones to “Love is Love” messaging, the stickers are fun but also inclusive, turning the community’s flags into ‘Little badges of love’ that showcase the whole colorful spectrum of the LGBT+ community. Trans to Non-Binary, Lesbian to Pup –  each member and their allies can express their own LGBT+ identity with Pride.

A crucial addition to this family was the newly created Black Lives Matter LGBT+ Flag: a symbol of support from one community to another in a fight for equality.

The stickers were officially launched by Digital Pride and GSN on June 24th, to coincide with postponed 2020 London Pride. Over Pride weekend they reached over 15 million engagements and that number is steadily climbing, a demonstration that love will always find a way and people will always be proud to be who they are.

Scott Nunn – Founder of Digital Pride said ‘We are delighted the stickers have already reached 40million views and counting. It’s fantastic that so many people are using them to add a little extra Pride to their posts. But for us the spirit of Pride goes on all year. So we look forward to millions of people enjoying these amazing stickers that Ant, Claire and the AMV BBDO agency have created for a long time to come.’Our hope is that this is just the beginning – that this is the start of an ever-growing collection of stickers, inspired and created by the LGBT+ community. *stickers currently on 40 million reach and counting.

Source: AMV BBDO

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