Autonomy is key in a world of quiet luxury, finds new report

Effie UK and Ipsos analysis reveals that quality, independence and enrichment lie at the heart of aspiration today

According to a new report, Evolving Aspirations: Navigating Status, by marketing effectiveness Effie and world-leading research and insights organisation Ipsos, what we find aspirational today is quality over flaunted wealth, and seeing ourselves as the keepers and drivers of our success.

The latest volume of the Ipsos and Effie Dynamic Effectiveness series finds that, in today’s world of ‘quiet luxury’, audiences prize not only acquiring enough wealth to live a secure and stable existence, but also the freedom to enjoy it. Meanwhile, it unpicks what this shift in how we perceive success means for marketers and how they should, therefore, communicate and reflect aspiration in campaigns.

The report also reveals that just 10% of Britons say they like to own or do things that display their wealth, while a significant 70% disagree – and a third strongly oppose it. That said, half of Britons (48%) agree that they often spend extra on higher quality products.

Meanwhile, it underscores a desire for autonomy, and reveals that the factors we consider essential to achieving success tend to be internal, such as how we treat others, our ability to work hard, and our innate skills and talents.

Also included in Evolving Aspirations: Navigating Status are examples of Effie-winning campaigns from TUI & Leo Burnett UK, Vodafone & Ogilvy UK and DFS & Pablo London.

TUI’s ‘Live Happy’ campaign showcases the idea that ‘travel is the only money you will spend that makes you richer’ and drove exceptional results: Emotional connection increased by 13%, growing consideration by 3%pts which in turn contributed to passenger volumes rising by 30% at 18% lower costs. Meanwhile Vodafone focused on the importance of connectivity to the individual and, in so doing, drove a 23% increase in non-user consideration, while DFS drove greater relevance among style-focused audiences; driving £57m in additional revenue.

The report illustrates how our aspirations and views of success are shifting, from those associated with perfection, heritage, and hierarchy towards fresh articulations defined by action and authenticity, courage, entrepreneurialism and balance.

Samira Brophy, Senior Creative Excellence Director at Ipsos, explains: “Aspiration in today’s world entails not only acquiring enough wealth to live a secure and stable existence, but also the freedom to enjoy it. Marketers need to balance the deep held values from our offline lives, alongside values specific to the social media world. This more nuanced view of the individual and their motivations can help deliver bold, effective campaigns that cut through across media.”

Rachel Emms, Managing Director, Effie UK, adds: “As our expressions of success evolve, so must marketers’ ability to appeal to aspirational audiences and create offers and communications that feel inspiring. This report outlines pointers for success – from focusing on experiences and enrichment beyond material status symbols, to challenging preconceptions and celebrating individual autonomy. We look forward to seeing even more progressive practice of marketing effectiveness across the industry.”

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Source: Ipsos

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