AVON launches campaign “This Is My Color”

The film is part of a series of actions for the brand’s commitment to the fight against racism

The contribution in the fight for diversity and women empowerment is part of Avon’s DNA, and constant listening processes and studies have resulted in the acknowledgement that we need to do more. 

With this in mind, Avon begins this journey by making the commitment to repair historical injustices with important internal goals, such as hiring 50% of black people for entry positions (internship and trainee) as of 2021 and 30% of black women in leadership positions by 2030. 

To explain the company’s movement in the fight against racism, the campaign “This Is My Color” is being launched. Its concept is to roll out a study conducted by Avon with the goal of understanding the diversity of black skin hues and tones in Brazil. The creation of the palette was the result from a collaborative work between makeup artist Daniele Da Mata, one of the leading experts in black skin in Brazil, and the American scientist Candice Deleo-Novack, head of development of products for eyes and face and Technical Product Design at Avon. The duo was able to synthesize in a single palette the widest range possible of hues and tones of black skin in Brazil by giving a humane look to each product.

“This Is My Color”, the film for launching the new products, was co-created by  Wunderman Thompson Brazil and Larissa Luz, who wrote the song and the campaign manifesto and is one of the film stars, along with Cris Vianna, Daniele Da Mata, Ana Paula Xongani, Magá Moura, Geovana Ribeiro, Glória Abreu, Lub Big Queen, Odara, Onika Bibiano and Vilma Caetano. 

“We are proud of such an important work, which is the launch of new products supported by Avon’s commitment to the fight against racism. We had the creative direction by Larissa Luz and other ten black women who cooperated with the entire concept of this campaign, which makes ‘This Is My Color’ even more relevant to the present moment,” explains Keka Morelle, CCO of Wunderman Thompson Brazil.

The new campaign was co-produced by Coletivo Mooc and Damasco, and will be aired on TV, digital, OOH, Social Outdoor Social and radio. 

“Provoking changes is acknowledging the moment you are in, stepping out of the comfort zone and starting to act – and this is the commitment Avon is making, in a rich, deep and truthful listening process. Amplifying black female voices who are made invisible every day in a racist country is an effective contribution for a necessary transformation, and participating of this process where not only tones, but also great talents, are mixed is something powerful and inspiring,” states Larissa Luz. 


Being a black woman is being born with one mission: to survive.  

Because it seems we are always at risk ‑ if not of dying, at least of going crazy.  

But even with everything going on, when we are together we stop being women at war and become women of love.  

In the mix of our hues is the tone of an embrace,  and it glows, it is consistent.  

The ideal tone comes from our union. 

Diving deep into this palette, we aim at finding our place. 

Being able to embrace our truth, in the naked skin, is accessing freedom. 

Carrying on with confidence and conviction that the world is ours and we are the revolution.  

Pounding our chest and saying out loud:  

I’m black, my skin is dark, this is my color! 

Title: This Is My Color

Agency: Wunderman Thompson Brazil

Client: AVON

Product: Avon Makeup

CCO: Keka Morelle

Creation Director: Danilo Janjacomo, Larissa Luz

Writer: Julia Machado, Sabrina Pereira, Ester Pereira

Art Director: Ana Blanes, Thais Neves

Creative and Content Consulting: ID Works

Executive Business Director: Larissa Zucatelli 

Customer Service: Mariana Franco, Sarita Nishimaru, Andressa Santos, Gustavo Costa

Head of Connections: Stella Lopes

Media: Carolina Bertão, Junior Domingues, Rafael Viberti, Rodrigo Saviano, Camila Camilini, Lucca de Crescenzo, Thais Anízio, Priscila Souza

Planning and Insights: Juliana Meirelles, Sabrina Teixeira, Jackson Santos, Izabela Quirino, Larissa Santos, Laise Alves

Content and CM: Mariana Hasselmann, Adriana Cuellar, Grazielle Gervasio, Jennifer Marinho, Maria Luiza Alvim, Larissa Araújo

Edition: Gabriel Maria

Influence: Carolina Bertelli, Hadassa Ferreira

PR: Andrea Assef, Vivian Zeni

Client Approval: Carolina Gomes, Erica Imenes, Mafoane Odara, Danielle Bibas, Viviane Pepe, Juliana Barros, Lucas Fajardo, Andrea Echeverri, Diego Santelices and Miguel Marsicano.

RTV Production: Ana Mello

Production Company: Damasco Filmes

Director: MO.O.C.

Executive Directors: Carlos Righi, Gustavo Munhoz, Milena Trindade

Executive Producer: Milena Trindade

Customer Service: Olívia Fuchs and Sheila Souza

Production Coordinator: Alessandra Meireles

Coordination Assistant: Ana Alegretti

Film Photography Director: Fernando Bertoluci

Product Photography Director: Fernando Oliveira

Film Production Director: Telma Fonseca

Producer: Edu Estevez

Film Production Assistant: Haiane Basilio da Silva

Product Production Director: Jose Alfredo Sahm

Product Production Assistant: Larissa Teixeira

Assistant Director: Elton Takii

2nd Assistant Director: Priscila Trabulsi

Art Director: Carolina Campos

Art Assistant: Igor Mariwaki

Product Effect Artist: Miranda Gibin

Stylist: Jessica Kelly

Stylist Cris Vianna: Bruno Pimentel

Beauty Artist: Daniele Da Mata (team: Will Vieira, Ziel Moura, Amanda Pris, Janaina Marques and Taiane Lima)

Beauty Artist Cris Vianna: Ale de Sousa

Hair Stylist: Welida Souza (team: Guilherme Oliveira, Sasá Ferrreira, Tatiane do Nascimento, Ayo Pinheiro, Paula Renata da Silva)

Cast Producer: Carol Bertelli, Regina Ferreira

Location Producer: Cris Silveira

Post-Production Coordination: Mauro Amar

Finishing Producer: Marcelo Barbosa

Editing: Gabriel Barbosa

Post-Production: The End

Colour Granding:  The End

Lyrics/Music: Larissa Luz

Voice: Larissa Luz

Arrangements: André Faria, Murilo Faria

Sound production: Evil Twin Music

Customer Service/Coordination: Juliana Tangary and Carolina Couto

Source: Wunderman Thompson Brazil

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