Berlin Cameron Creates Small Biz Hotline In Response for COVID-19

Berlin Cameron have created a small business communications hotline – #TakingCareOfSmallBusinesses.

All week, Berlin Cameron will allow small businesses to ask questions to help them get themselves through these times. Through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and email, Berlin Cameron will offer services including creative communications as well as outside experts who can guide businesses on PR, legal, business, HR, finance and mental health.

On Instagram, businesses will be able to comment on Berlin Cameron’s post or story with their questions and the agency will respond within 24 hours. They can also choose to DM with questions if they’d prefer to keep correspondence private.

The Experts

  • Berlin Cameron (Creative Communications)
  • Roger DaSilva, Founder, Realm Startup Advisory (Finance)
  • Cate Luzio, Founder, Luminary (Business)
  • Andrew Barbuto, Agency Lead, Centro (Media)
  • Jaime Klein, CEO, Inspire HR (HR)
  • Shermin Lakha, CEO, LVLUP Legal (Legal)
  • Lori Lefevre, Founder, Lori Lefevre Communications (PR)
  • Colette Ellis, Principal Owner, InStep Consulting (Mental Health)

Source: Berlin Cameron 

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