Cars Reflect the Rat Race of The Past in VanMoof’s first TV Commercial

Conceptual and eye-catching animated TVC ‘Reflections’, created and produced by Builders Club, leads the globally popular e-bike brand’s first TVC

London-based creative production company, Builders Club and VanMoof, the globally celebrated Dutch brand for high performance e-bikes, launch the brand’s first TV commercial – ‘Reflections’. The campaign aims to convey the brand’s future-facing identity with a clear message – there is a new agenda for travel and commuting, it’s time for cleaner air and greener cities.

Hailed by The Verge as ‘Better than the best, and less expensive too’ VanMoof’s e-bikes have been amassing popularity world wide for their innovative technology, unique anti-theft defence system and minimalist design.

Following a successful campaign launch for its latest bikes, VanMoof has turned to Builders Club once again to execute their inaugural TVC, which will be aired in Germany and the Netherlands. The film aims to take the viewer on a journey. The reflections of industrial day-to-day life undulate across the surface of a car which becomes a mirror for the hectic rat race city workers are exposed to.

Complex 3D simulations begin to artfully melt the car and its reflections into abstraction –  dissolving wheels and wing mirrors until the last recognisable forms of the brake lights disappear. From the molten remains, emerges the VanMoof S3 model.

At the turning point in the narrative, the song “New Day” (Jackie Lomax) covered by LYRA via Adelphoi Music
, lyrically emphasises the concept of a re-birth in travel directing the audience to look to the future. 

Lauren Egen, Creative Producer at Builders Club commented: “We love working on VanMoof’s campaigns. They always want us to push the visual narrative and take it to the next level. ‘Reflections’ turns typical car ads on their heads by reinventing the story of travel through a VanMoof lens. We used complex 3D simulations to move between the past and future of travel.”

Source: Builders Club

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