Cavai, Global Leader In Conversational Advertising, Announces Innovative Launch Of Conversational Video To Maximise Engagement And Impact

The unique format combines the power of moving images with the interactivity of one-to-one dialogue to drive optimal attention

Cavai, the leading conversational advertising cloud, has launched conversational video, a groundbreaking format designed to maximise engagement within digital advertising.

The format harnesses the established power of moving images and combines it with conversation, to drive maximum engagement. 

Steffen Svartberg, Founder and CEO, Cavai, explains: “With the continued rise of video, this is what our advertisers have been asking for. We are using the power of moving images and conversation to engage people with advertising messages. It has been proven time and again that video grabs attention online. We also know that short-form triggers interest; making this a natural starting point for powerful interactions, which is Cavai’s core.”

The video suite includes video with a conversational layer as well as in-conversation video, which makes interactivity the main element while serving a video as part of a conversation. These innovative formats are ideal for a number of use cases – from providing context for products, to showcasing services, enhancing storytelling, creating positive brand experiences and for lead generation through conversation. Interaction can, for instance, open up a conversation or provide an option to watch a longer video; always giving a sense of personal choice.

Tommy Torjesen, Founder and Chief Product Officer, adds: “Conversational and video are the perfect combination. Our experienced team is here to help advise clients on how to keep audiences engaged for longer, and select the optimal format for each campaign in order to drive results.”

“The steps for successful use of conversational video are relatively simple,” he continues. “As always, the process starts with defining the KPIs and goals. Our Creative Team then designs the interaction and banner format, delivering tags that can run programmatically the same way as traditional banner ads.”

Adding conversational elements to otherwise passive ad experiences has been shown, time and again, to drive results, and this new offer is compatible with all buying methods and buying platforms. It works with all universal formats, to enable broad distribution.

“The advertiser demand for innovative and efficient video solutions is massive and growing, and we see big potential in combining video with interactive elements such as conversational components”, says Frode Sylliåsen, Director of Growth & Development, OMD Norway

This news follows the announcement that Cavai has raised over £6.5m to drive significant international expansion, at a time when its privacy-by-design conversational advertising solutions are recognised by growing numbers globally. As marketers move away from interruptive formats and seek solutions which personalise communications and generate insights, conversational formats have helped Cavai’s clients to stand out from the competition and drive ROI whilst enabling true interactivity and bringing much-needed humanity to brand communications.

Source: Cavai

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