Collective Flips The Existing In-House Model With The Launch Of ‘Content Studio’ 

New model sees Collective create and develop, from hiring to training to HR, a bespoke 100% client-focused team, which works within the agency, not the client business, saving them up to 50+% compared to rate card fees The first client will be Avis Budget Group

With 70% of clients either considering or already doing in-housing, the interest and eagerness is undeniable. Yet so are the problems. Low-quality talent, low interest from creatives, high churn and difficulty keeping the talent motivated and energised. 

To combat these issues, Collective has created a new hybrid in-housing model that sees 100% focused client teams created, curated and trained by the agency, sitting within the agency, and not the client business. By offering a salary plus model, Content Studio delivers huge value versus the traditional rate card approach favoured by most agencies.

From the client-side, they get to form a close working relationship and integrate with dedicated teams plugged directly into their client business, with in-depth knowledge that not only delivers but is powered by the unique energy of the creative world only available in agencies. Keeping churn low, motivation high and being able to answer challenges quickly and effectively with the most modern thinking.  

From the talent side, this not only gives the teams an unbeatable connection to an energetic creative environment and culture, but also allows them daily contact with numerous ECDs and the agency founders – all with 20+ years of industry experience. All the benefits of an agency career, but with 100% focus on the client business.

The new model has already been beta-tested with Collective’s existing global client Avis Budget Group with a team of seven being created to deliver content production for International markets across web, social, CRM, display, PPC, video and more saving the brand approximately 50% a year in agency fees. The team not only creates brand consistency but because it is based within Collective, it is completely integrated with the agency on broader advertising campaigns.  

Louise Morgan, Commercial Marketing – Strategy & Transformation Leader, Avis Budget Group, said: “The Content Studio offering is not only time-efficient and cost-effective, but also derives brilliant creative. Instead of the usual concerns of in-housing and the resultant recruitment headache, lack of motivation and distance from the creative community, we get a dedicated team of highly energised and eager creatives who we form a real bond with.”

Carolyn Laing, Managing Director at Collective, said: “Proximity breeds understanding and creative curiosity breeds innovative content. The teams we build will be able to get under the skin of the client business, but do it under our roof. And by creating, training and developing the teams ourselves, we will not be creating extra costs. It’s in-house but in our house. By asking clients what they actually want and looking at the existing model, we saw a lot of stresses, fractures and holes, and realised by flipping the model we could fix them and fill them.” 

When signing up to Content Studio, Collective will work with the client to shape the team needed. It then handles the recruitment process with the client holding the final interviews, not just making it easier for the client, but also utilising Collective’s 20+ year reputation and reach into the creative industries. The specific offering includes: 

  • A Capability Workshop to understand and agree the key tasks that are required for the next 3 years and then to identify the capabilities and roles needed
  • A Process Workshop to agree the most effective in-housing process to work to and how this will be communicated to the broader stakeholders
  • Adoption of the correct marketing technology and agency appraisal tools to continually improve the content created 

Once the team is hired, they are remunerated through a Salary+ model and Collective handles all of the HR, contract and training and development, all saving the client time and money compared to expensive agency contracts. 

Source: Content Studio

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