Creative Agency Madwell Offers Solutions to Online Threats in Latest Campaign for OpenText

Online threats are becoming more complex — and scarier — making it increasingly difficult for the everyday Internet user to traverse the web safely. 

Luckily, independent creative agency Madwell highlights some potential solutions in its latest campaign for OpenText.

Madwell took a creative and humorous approach to the campaign, leveraging an innovative extended reality (XR) stage where different scenarios are acted out. The XRallowed for a final product that could not have been achieved by green screen alone, provided a more efficient process than shooting on location and made it seamless to clone repeatable transition animations in the background.

By pairing true-to-life scenarios—ones the majority of people have experienced in their digital lives at some point—with set-like backgrounds, the campaign’s stories felt highly relatable yet highly playful, crossing reality with surrealism to keep the scenarios approachable and entertaining.

“This campaign seeks to redefine online protection by emphasizing humor and intrigue over fearmongering and a litany of features,”  said Chris Sojka, co-founder and CCO, Madwell, who also directed the campaign. “Shot entirely on XR screens, the campaign blurs the line between digital and reality, echoing the challenge of discerning truth online.”


OpenText Client Team

  • Sandy Ono, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Geoff Bibby, SVP, Cybersecurity Marketing
  • Audra Tucker, VP Marketing, Consumer & Small Business
  • Shelly Albrecht, Director, Consumer Marketing
  • Mike Shin, Director, Digital Marketing 
  • Mary Smith, Sr. Marketing Manager 

Madwell Leadership Team

  • Chris Sojka, Co-Founder/CCO
  • David Eisenman, Co-Founder/CEO
  • Gabriela Benitez, President

Madwell Creative Team

  • Laura Wasson, Group Creative Director
  • Chris Church, Creative Director
  • Jessica Auville, Associate Creative Director
  • Ryan Kurz, Senior Designer
  • Charity Lombardo, Senior Copywriter

Madwell Account Leadership Team

  • Jocelyn Choi, Group Account Director 
  • Dexter Offer, Account Supervisor

Madwell Production Team

  • Colin Nichols, Associate Production Director
  • Kyle Calian, Producer

Madwell Strategy Team 

  • Naya Mukherji, Group Brand Strategy Director
  • Liz Burga, Senior Comms Strategist

Madwell Media Team

  • Gabe Solberg, Head of Mediums
  • Jenna Fusfield, Media Director
  • Caitlin Cheney, Media Buyer
  • Taylor Roman, Media Buyer
  • Haley Kopfler, Media Planner

Production Company: Starfish 

  • Jenita Spirtovic, Head of Content
  • Isaac LeFevre, Executive Producer
  • Chris Sojka, Director
  • Jesse Ozeri, Line Producer
  • Eric Robbins, Director of Photography
  • Brad Turner, Editor 
  • Jane Stupp-O’Neill, Unit Production Manager
  • Samantha Melville, 1st Assistant Director
  • Mitch Allen, 2nd Assistant Director
  • Sam Bader, Production Design
  • Tommy Wu, XR Lead
  • Tim Wang, 2nd XR Supervisor
  • Ziva Shi, XR Producer
  • Redah Haddioui, Composer
  • Tiffani Williams, Wardrobe Styling

Source: Madwell

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