Discover ‘The Unconventional Gallery’ – A Digital Experience Making Art Accessible to all for Ruinart’s Collaboration with Artist David Shrigley by makemepulse

With a passion for art, the first established champagne house makes art fairs accessible to all with their interactive gallery exhibition.

The interactive gallery is here:

For the presentation of their collaboration with artist David Shrigley at Frieze London this week, oldest champagne house, Ruinart, is embracing the post pandemic world with ‘The Unconventional Gallery’, an experience created with global interactive production studio makemepulse, which helps fuse the virtual and the real of the art world and sits alongside the in-person art fair, making art accessible for all.

The collaboration for the collection began in pre-pandemic 2020. However, the cancellation of all in person gatherings including major international art fairs meant the pieces could not be exhibited. Recognising that not everyone can attend the newly opened events, Ruinart commissioned makemepulse to create an interactive experience which expands the reach of the collection and makes it available to a wider audience.

For several years, the Maison has weaved close relationships with contemporary artists, whether by actively supporting 30 international art fairs, by collaborating with environmentally committed artists or supporting young, upcoming talent. For the Carte Blanche program, Ruinart has worked with established artists to support creativity and art as part of their Carte Blanche program. Each Ruinart artist collaboration produces a series of pieces expressing their vision of the champagne house which are then exhibited at 36 major international art fairs across the globe. The collection which consists of 36 drawings, 2 ceramics, 3 Neons, 1 Doorway is a curious study of the habits and customs of the vineyard workers, oenologists and other collaborators of Ruinart champagnes. With his drawings, David Shrigley takes us on an instructional but humorous journey of Champagne making us aware of the environmental issues that Ruinart faces on a daily basis. 

The experience was created to be as true to being at an art fair as possible.  The virtual walk through leads us through photo-real open spaces, with vast bright white wall space and concrete style floor. The pieces of art are on the wall, we can even see the natural light shining through the ceiling windows.

The image of each piece can be clicked on which zooms in on the piece for a closer look. As with real life pieces in a gallery, an info card about the piece accompanies.

A curated selection of key pieces will be exhibited in the Ruinart lounge at each show, but only at Frieze London on 14-17th October will the full collection be on display.  Alongside the collection at the other locations will sit an opportunity to participate in the full experience.

Artist David Shrigley said: “I don’t think there are rules for making art. There are only opportunities. Digital experiences are another opportunity to do something different, see things differently and, I hope, learn something new. I like that this pink worm guide the visitor : Worms are important. They help create the soil that is vital for all life. We take the soil for granted and we take worms for granted but we should remember how vital they are.”

Nicolas Rajabaly, co-founder & CCO makemepulse added: “By using this avant-garde technology of interactive real-time 3D via a web browser (WebGL), the experience creates a tangible connection between art and technology. The combination of this technology, and an intuitive interface using “native” interactions such as the “swipe” on mobile, allows Ruinart to be the pioneer of what will surely be the future of virtual exhibitions and, more broadly, the future of virtual spaces and Metaverse.”

After Frieze, the exhibition and interactive experience will be at the below locations:


Festiv’Art Africa 18-23 

FIAC Paris 21-24 

PAD Paris


Paris Photo 10-14 

Dallas Art Fair 11-14

Affordable Art Fair Singapore 12-14 

Art Cologne & Fine Arts 17-21


Art Basel Miami Beach 1-5 



CEO & CCO: Nicolas Rajabaly

CEO & CTO: Anthoine Ughetto

Head of Production: Grégory Bruneau

Executive Producer: Mathias Roumy

Producer: Aude Boyer

Designer: Romain Passelande

3D Artist: Jérome Levilly, Agathe Girard

WebGL Developer: Pierre Lepers

Front Developer: Julien Vasseur, Rémi Becuwe

Sound Design: Press Play on Tape

Source: makemepulse

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