Eggscape, A Next-Generation Mixed Reality Game From 3DAR, Launches in the U.S. At Two Bit Circus 

The game, which was a hit at SXSW and the Venice Film Festival, arrived this week

3DAR, an award-winning studio specializing in content creation, 3D animation, and live action, is bringing its next-generation mixed reality (MR) game Eggscape home to roost with Two Bit Circus, Inc., an experiential entertainment leader and creators of the world’s first Micro-Amusement Parks.

EGGSCAPE: Eggstories from 3DAR on Vimeo.

Eggscape is a revolutionary MR game where players embody charismatic egg characters, navigate vivid 3D levels in the players’ real world, and interact with fellow gamers in real-time, all while narrowly escaping a relentless invasion of alien robots. It combines art direction, creative storytelling, and innovative gameplay, making it a game that’s fun to play and better when shared with friends.Players engage in the irreverent universe of Eggscape by controlling their eggs – who have mastered the art of Kung Fu – as they move through a variety of beautifully designed levels including a boxing ring playground, karate alley, and even a cardio workout class in a Vegas-like world of excess. Using a VR headset, players can enjoy this epic animated adventure in the real world and interact with their surroundings and with other players in a never-before-seen way, creating paths connecting to different scenes and unique adventures. Step into the revolutionary world of Eggscape to save these funny little creatures from the endless adversities of a cruel world by out-strategizing both your egg’s enemies and your fellow players – the first user to escape wins. 

Up to four players can play in the same space, collaborating and performing team tasks. Eggscape also features collectibles that grant points, extra lives, and special skills for your character. You can even create and share custom levels using real-world objects as scenarios. This marks the game’s consumer debut, after being a recent hit at SXSW and winner of the Venice Immersive Special Jury Prize Lion in la Biennale di Venezia (Venice Film Festival) in 2022. 

Eggscape can be experienced at the Two Bit Circus premier location in Los Angeles’s DTLA Arts District, and will also be coming soon to its new location in Dallas, Texas. Two Bit Circus features the latest in immersive entertainment, multi-person virtual reality, custom-designed arcade games, a reimagined midway, and a full carnival canteen of molecular mixology and inventive eats.

Eggscape is an irreverent take on the complications presented by life, and I’m so happy that it has found its first permanent home with Two Bit Circus,” said Eggscape Director and 3DAR CEO German Heller. “Mixed Reality in an incredible venue like this is the perfect way to bring this fun, social experience to life, because it was important for me in designing the game that there would be no more VR isolation – you can see your friends right there next to you and laugh together as you and your eggs survive wacky situations, providing endless entertainment. What makes Eggscape unique is its use of mixed reality, which allows you to see animated characters and objects layered over your actual surroundings. By merging Eggscape with our everyday world, we can see life through a more whimsical lens, just like our eggs.” 

“Two Bit Circus is the playground of futuristic fun, and Eggscape represents the best in mixed reality arcade gaming,” said Brent Bushnell, chairman of Two Bit Circus. “Eggscape is infinitely re-playable, communal, and interactive, which is exactly the kind of experience our guests have come to expect. I’m proud that we can be among the first to share this award-winning, playful, masterpiece of multiplayer AR fun with the world.” 

Source: 3DAR

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