Freddie the Staatsloterij hedgehog wins Gouden Loeki 2019

Adorable hedgehog brought to life by Ambassadors

Staatsloterij | New Year’s Eve Lottery – Freddie from Ambassadors on Vimeo.

Freddie the Staatsloterij Hedgehog has won the Gouden Loeki 2019, the Dutch prize for the nation’s most beloved TV commercial. This year, the award show received over 50,000 public votes to determine the winner. 

Created by TBWA/NEBOKO, directed by Ismael ten Heuvel and with creative production by Ambassadors, Freddie shows a heartwarming relationship between a man and his prickly, lottery-winning friend. 

Because the spot was shot during a time where hedgehogs are usually hibernating, it was up to visual effects and animation to step in and bring this adorable hedgehog to life. 

Will Jeffers, Head of VFX, Ambassadors: “The Gouden Loeki will always be a special award because it’s voted for by the public. And when you remember to take a step outside the industry bubble, that’s who it’s all about. The Ambassadors team of artists, animators, filmmakers and technicians all worked together to try and create something that resonates with the viewers. 

“That is why we are so happy that our little hedgehog has been awarded the Gold Award. The cuteness of Freddie the Hedgehog was the foundation of the spot and I am super proud of how the team worked together to deliver that goal.”

As well as visual effects, Ambassadors worked on sound design, music, colour grade, design and animation for the spot. It’s the eighth time Ambassadors have been involved in a gold-winning Gouden Loeki for sound and music.

Source: Ambassadors

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