Free Turn & Whip Media Bring Predictive Power to Brand Funded Entertainment

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Whip Media, leading enterprise software platform and data provider to the world’s largest entertainment organizations,and, entertainment company Free Turn  join forces to deliver Hollywood studio predictive insights to brand-funded entertainment.

Whip Media’s proprietary global data and worldwide audience panel of 16+ million viewers will allow brands to uncover micro-trends before they become mainstream, fine tune content during production, engage more deeply with audiences, and, micro-measure with confidence. Predictive analytics currently are accessed purely byHollywood studios and broadcasters including Warner Bros, NBC Universal, Paramount, BBC and Disney. 

This newly announced partnership promises to transform how brands create, develop, test and produce TV and film content through real time global audience data, consumption habits and distribution intelligence. 

Gemma Batterby

 “It’s clear that brand-funded entertainment has immense power to engage audiences and grow business” said Free Turn’s Co-Founder and Managing Director Gemma Batterby. “But, how can we make the development process smarter? Until now, advertisers have been forced to create entertainment with little insight into what audiences consume and crave. There has been no way to test ideas with audiences before investing significant amounts of marketing capital,” 

As viewers worldwide increasingly watch more TV shows and movies across multiple streaming platforms, brands will be able to anticipate audience and cultural trends to produce world-class entertainment to grab audience attention, contribute to culture and deliver competitive edge.

Whip Media’s real-time viewing and engagement data, covering more than 4+ million television episodes and movies across 80 countries and 1,200+ platforms, will provide unique advantages to marketers looking to connect their branded content to more consumers and drive growth opportunities.  

Whip Media Binge Report

Whip Media has been accurately predicting the global audience and entertainment trends during the Covid-19 pandemic, including the success of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit and Hulu’s Love, Victor. Last year, Free Turn’s Nick Hamm directed White Lines which reached Netflix’s #1 spot in over 20 countries. 

“Our data on how consumers watch, engage with, and react to programming, is an important tool to help predict and prove the value of a brand’s content,” said Cory Sher, Vice President of Global Account Management, Whip Media. “Our partnership with Free Turn offers a new way to utilize our data to help create content around a brand and tell unique stories, while also providing a way to measure success for OTT platforms.”.

Powered by proprietary data and predictive insights, Whip Media enables the world’s top entertainment organizations to efficiently distribute, control and monetize their TV and movie content to drive revenue and direct-to-consumer growth. Whip Media has offices in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Amsterdam, and Paris. For more information, visit

Based in London and Los Angeles, Free Turn is a total entertainment company which develops, creates, produces and distributes original and brand-funded entertainment across tv, film and audio.  Free Turn has four divisions bringing strategic consultancy, creativity, production, and distribution and marketing under one roof. For more information, visit

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