Google Pixel 4 Presents Jack Whitehall And Michael Dapaah – Lost In The Countryside

Google teams up with comedy duo in hilarious new YouTube film directed by Ben Green to launch the new Google Assistant, the super fast voice assistant that’s just arrived in the UK, exclusive to Google Pixel 4

Google aims to build products that help people in everyday life, in both big and small ways.  Sometimes that’s knowing the weather, sometimes it’s sending messages hands free and sometimes it’s helping you find your way back home. 

Britain is a nation of walkers. 140,000 miles of public footpaths, bridleways and byways cover the countryside. Exploring them is one of our favourite past times. In the past five years, searches on Google for ‘country walks near me’ have risen 1,900% in the UK. So what better way to test how helpful Google can be by dropping a comedy duo in the middle of a remote field with only the Google Assistant on Pixel 4 to help them home. Google Pixel 4 presents Jack Whitehall and Michael Dapaah Lost in the Countryside sees Jack Whitehall and Michael Dapaah overcome torrential downpours, twisted brambles and herds of unexpected farm animals to get back to London.

Last seen together backstage at the BRITs in 2019, Jack and Michael now find themselves miles from familiarity. As they battle the most adverse weather conditions, thoughts quickly turn to home comforts as Jack suggests calling for back up in the form of his father. But with a little help from Pixel they discover they are a long way from London, out of range of parental pick-ups. 

Their location couldn’t be more remote but it’s okay as Pixel allows Jack and Michael to get help anytime, anywhere. The pair are underdressed and stuck in the mud, so turn to Google to guide them to a countrywear shop. Suited and booted, Jack is ready to brave the elements whilst Michael takes a shortcut. The pair keep in touch, using the new Google Assistant — exclusive to Pixel 4 — to take selfies, share photos and send messages faster than ever before.

Google Pixel 4 is the best of Google in a smartphone, and Michael uses his Pixel 4 to make the best of a bad situation settling into a country pub whilst Jack’s scenic route turns sour – he’s stuck in the mud, battling with the bushes and caught in the rain before finally reuniting with his friend.

Ultimately, Google Pixel 4 saves the day and helps Jack and Michael conquer the challenge of navigating the countryside, overcoming all obstacles in their way. 

Google Pixel 4 presents Jack Whitehall and Michael Dapaah Lost in the Countryside showcases how the new Google Assistant on Pixel 4 is the quick and easy way to control your phone, in all conditions and circumstances. Recently launched in the UK, the new Assistant now has more ways to multitask and new features like Continued Conversation means you can ask follow-up queries without having to say ‘Hey Google’ every time.

The mini film launches on YouTube on 9th March and was directed by Emmy award-winning director Ben Green whose credits include Carpool Karaoke and the very well-known British Airways in-flight safety video featuring a host of celebrities including Olivia Colman, Michael Caine, Joanna Lumley and David Walliams. 

Speaking about the film, Director Ben Green said, ‘It’s been great working with the Google Pixel 4 team on finding the best ways to endanger the lives of some of Britain’s most loved celebrities. Jack and Michael are used to their city life and creature comforts so we thought dropping them in the middle of nowhere on the wettest, coldest day of the year couldn’t not be funny. Luckily, the new Google assistant worked through the hail storm, otherwise I am pretty sure it would have ended our professional relationship!

Jennifer Fong, Pixel Product Marketing ManagerUK comments, ‘Our vision at Google is to be more helpful to everyone, everywhere. This campaign really brings that to life. By putting Jack and Michael in a situation they wouldn’t usually find themselves in, we’re able to show how helpful the Google Pixel 4 can be, via the new Google Assistant. They both inject the Google personality into the content, showing what’s possible with the new features on the Google Assistant. We love the way both Jack and Michael really capture and demonstrate the Google Way of doing things.’

Executive Creative Director of MediaMonks UK, Jon Biggs addedThere was a lovely simplicity of purpose in the way our teams worked together. There’s not a lot of room for the traditional back and forth between agency and client, because there’s no time in a project this fast. MediaMonks, Halpern and Google worked a bit like a rapid-response team, crafting the narrative together around the power of the Google Assistant and the personalities of Jack and Michael. It was also THE wettest shoot I’ve ever been on, so high-fives to the production team!’

Source: Google

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