Heineken® 0.0 Uses History To Tackle The Myth That Choosing A Non-Alcohol Drink Is The Unsociable Option, With New ‘Cheers With No Alcohol. Now You Can’ campaign

Heineken® is launching a global advertising campaign titled “Cheers with No Alcohol. Now You Can” to celebrate the fact that it is now easier than ever for everyone to share social moments regardless of whether they are drinking alcohol or not.

The latest global Heineken® 0.0 TVC campaign subverts the widespread feeling of exclusion that individuals often experience when choosing not to drink alcohol at social occasions, while showing that Heineken® 0.0 gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy social drinking moments together.

The film brings this idea to life by taking the viewer on a journey through fictitious drinking moments across history, from the Viking era to New York’s Roaring ’20s, all the way to the modern day. Each situation shows that the person not drinking alcohol is excluded from the all-important “cheers” moment, before disrupting the situation thanks to the introduction of Heineken® 0.0 – a cool and welcome alternative for those who choose not to drink alcohol during social occasions.

This new TVC builds on the brand’s previous successful, global campaign, “Now You Can”, which introduced Heineken® 0.0 as the perfect drink for moments that were traditionally “non-beer” occasions, such as after sports, while parked in a car or at a work lunch. In using these surprising occasions as a setting, Heineken® 0.0 acted as an alternative for beer drinkers when they could not have alcohol, without compromising on taste.

This new campaign creative embodies society’s changing attitudes over the ages when it comes to non-alcoholic drinking in social situations. And, by highlighting the continued role of Heineken® 0.0, it shows how the occasion to choose a non-alcoholic beer is evolving too, moving from individual and day occasions to a more social and evening setting.

Bram Westenbrink, Global Heineken® Brand Director, HEINEKEN, said: “With so many of us looking for alternatives to alcohol when at social and evening occasions – especially during periods like Dry January, as is common in many regions – the non-alcoholic beer segment has exploded over the last five years. And we’ve worked extremely hard to make sure Heineken® 0.0 has been at the forefront of that trend. Having launched Heineken® 0.0 in 2017, November 2021 saw us reach a key milestone of distribution across 100 markets, and now we’re keen to help bring even more of our customers along on the journey. After all, it’s about making sure everyone feels included during social drinking moments, even if they are choosing not to drink alcohol.”

The campaign includes 74, 30 and 15 second films, along with social assets, digital banners, OOH, BTL, and merchandise items, all of which will be launched in multiple countries including Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Spain and the USA, throughout 2022.

The film can be viewed on TV, online and across social media and is available in different formats, with local markets primed to use the content to highlight how inclusive social moments like Dry January can still be, regardless of whether individuals choose to drink alcohol or not.

SourceHeineken & FAB News

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