IMA Launches Global Ad Campaign Highlighting the Need for Skilled CMAs in Businesses

IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants), the association of accountants and financial professionals in business, launched a new global, integrated advertising campaign in support of the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification program. The multi-channel campaign was developed in partnership with The Gate, an international advertising agency and marketing services company, for the seventh consecutive year. 

The ads look to empower accounting and finance professionals to take control and explore how the CMA certification can help advance their careers. The videos and digital executions take an empathetic look at feeling invisible and being stuck in executing routine, daily tasks. They serve to inspire real, behavioral change among individuals to get to the next level, where they can drive strategic decisions, make an impact on their business, and step up to a leadership role. The message remains that accounting and finance professionals with a CMA will always be in demand and this year’s campaign emphasizes that the certification will make professionals visible to their colleagues, managers, and organizations.

“Our campaign taps into the insight that many accountants feel invisible at work and stuck in a slow-moving career. But if they step up and get their CMA, they’ll have the skills they need to feel seen and appreciated,” said David Bernstein, Chief Creative Officer, The Gate. 

The video and digital work is accessible here:

“At a time when companies are facing new challenges, rising costs, resource constraints, and looking at completely new ways of doing business, the skills of CMAs are more valuable than ever,” said Ellen Gurevich, CAE, CMO and senior vice president of marketing at IMA. “Employers need to have finance and accounting leaders who can step up to create insights and strategies to keep up with the pace of change and break through. CMAs are equipped to analyze and deliver results in ways that others cannot. They have the skills necessary to serve as strategic advisors in their organizations, and in turn, advance their careers.”

The CMA verifies mastery of the 12 most critical practice areas in management accounting, including planning and analysis, performance management, and risk management. Earning the CMA enables finance and accounting professionals to contribute actively to organizational strategy as business partners and to make the leap from more traditional and junior-level finance roles into more strategic leadership positions. This means that CMAs are well-positioned to make the leap from more traditional and junior-level finance roles into strategic leadership positions. 

The campaign utilizes connected television, programmatic display, social media, streaming audio, search engine marketing, industry specific newsletters, and has global extensions in IMA’s key regions. There will also be a concurrent public relations campaign, and promotions on IMA’s website and social channels.

Source: The Gate

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