Inside Firetree’s Melting Pot: A Rare Glimpse Inside The World Of Luxury Chocolate Making

10 Days commissioned to capture the beauty in Firetree’s unparalleled chocolate making craft.

Firetree is a multi-award winning luxury chocolate brand made from some of the rarest cacao beans in the world, sourced from the mysterious volcanic islands of the South Seas in “the ring of fire”. But the story of their craft is one visually untold.


“Inside the melting pot” is a 75 sec film that takes you on a journey from the bean to bar, capturing the beauty in every stage of the chocolate making process. From roasting, to cracking and winnowing, to grinding the cocoa nibs, to conching, to finally tempering and moulding, you cannot help but feel moved by the elegance the cinematic film brings to the process.

To elevate the beautiful & delicate chocolate making experience, sound was captured and integrated into the film, accompanied by neoclassical style piano and strings all bespokely composed and performed by Dominic White.

Jolyon White, 10 Days Co-Founder said: “A factory can be an unattractive sterile environment, and to the untrained eye, boring. We wanted to bring out the beauty of the chocolate making through cinematic filming technique, so much so you could almost taste the chocolate through the journey from bean to bar”

David Zulman, Firetree Founder said “The end product really surpassed our expectations, 10 Days have turned our chocolate making process into a piece of art”

The film was shot in 4k at 120 FPS using a Sony A7siii, shot with a nimble two brother team to keep in check for factory coronavirus safety restrictions.

This is the second piece of work for Firetree chocolate, following their brand launch spot “The Legend of the Firetree” in January this year.

AGENCY: 10 Days
CLIENT: Firetree
CAMPAIGN: “The Legend of the Firetree” PRODUCTION: 10 Days
DIRECTOR/ DOP: Jolyon White
SOUND & MUSIC: Dominic White PRODUCER: George White

Source10 Days

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