Leo Burnett Paris Aims For The Stars For Jeep

Jeep is the symbol of freedom. That’s why, for the 80th anniversary of Jeep brand in 2021, the creative agency Leo Burnett Paris has imagined a print campaign celebrating this timeless value and spirit for the brand.  


The greatest explorers, pioneers and adventurers have always been driven by the stars. Along with all these illustrious predecessors, the Jeep® brand did not have to wait for the invention of GPS to be able to be guided since its models, thanks to their sunroof, have always offered an onboard navigation system.  



Brand Managers: Stéphane Labous, Eric Labourier, Christophe Useo

Account Managers: Thibaud Le Nénaon, Arielle Haddad

Creative Director: Julien Simons

Art Directors: Benjamin Bigay, Pierre-Marie Berton

Copywriters: Jean-Marie Gateau, Alexandre Thiebaut

Production: Noroc Studio

Source: Leo Burnett

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