Let’s DANTS!

Ural Music Night festival, united 10 festivals around the world (Serbia, Nigeria, Austria, Israel,…) in a project called ANTYfest. There was an online music concert as a pre-launch activity, and we filmed 11 video reports from the festivals — all with a very special audience of 8 000 actual ANTS! Why ants, you would ask? They are the lucky ones that don’t have to follow the rules of social distancing!  

For the participating festivals, ANTYfest is a way to send the message: We are missing you, yet we’re not giving up. For the viewers, this project is a chance to learn something new about the festival movement, to support the events with donations or by purchasing their merch. Or simply to “walk” around the “map” of festivals and watch videos with ants.

Source: Vokshod

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