McDonald’s Installs Giant Totems In Spain To Indicate The Local Origin Of Its Products

The ‘Everything has an origin’ campaign claims natural origin of McDonalds’ ingredients and its support for the agricultural and livestock industry.

70% of the ingredients used by McDonald’s to make hamburgers in Spain come from local suppliers. To demonstrate its commitment to Spanish farmers and ranchers, the multinational has decided to install its emblematic totem poles in fields that form part of its supply chain and thus vindicate its obsession with the quality of its products. 

McDonald’s installed the first pole in a field in Murcia (a city in south-eastern Spain) in December. This is where McDonald’s sources some of the lettuce it uses to make its burgers. The second totem pole has been placed on a farm in Lugo (northern Spain), a village of 70 inhabitants, where some of the varieties of cheese that the company Queserías Entrepinares supplies to McDonalds in Spain are made. And finally, the third pole is located in a village in Soria, in the province of Castilla y León, where part of the cereals used to make top quality flour are obtained. 

This creative action seeks to highlight the multinational’s commitment to the local economy, sustainability and quality. The company has started by claiming the origin of lettuce, bread and cheese and, in the coming months, it will continue to reveal throughout Spain the exact origin of the ingredients it uses to make the products on its menu. 

The creative strategy has its origins in the launch of the ‘Everything has an origin’ campaign and the ‘Big Good’ product. A burger created with ingredients from local producers affected by the COVID-19 crisis who joined the company’s regular supply chain to revive demand and contribute to its economic recovery. The farmers and ranchers are still linked to the multinational. The totems will remain in the selected locations for several months and, once the action is over, all the totems will be recycled, in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. The campaign has been developed by McDonalds together with TRUE, the PR agency of PS21. 

Agency: True

Client: McDonald’s

Product: Big Good

Client contact: Paloma Cabral

Creativity: True

Account team: True

Production: True

Audiovisual production: Fazeta Producciones

Title: Everything has an origin

SourceTRUE & FAB News

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