Michelob Ultra And GUT Mexico City Launch New Sportswear Line, A First For The Brand

“Michelob Origins” is the new line of ‘dry-fun’ T-shirts where the brand seeks to challenge preconceptions of well-being, and balance the scale between fit and fun.

Today, Michelob Ultra, in partnership with creative independent agency GUT Mexico City, launches its newest campaign, called, “Train your FUN Side,”introducing the brand’s first-ever unique ‘dry-fun’ sportswear collection called “Michelob Origins.” The campaign aims to challenge preconceptions of well-being, as well as balance the scale between fit and fun, showing how working out, including what people wear during their workouts, doesn’t have to feel like a routine, but can actually be as unique as that person is every single day.  

“Michelob Ultra has a very clear point of view regarding sports, which is, “It is only worth it if you enjoy it.” And to enjoy it, sometimes it’s necessary to break some predetermined, rigid stuff in the sports world, like what you wear when you play or when you work out,” said Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen, Executive Creative Director at GUT Mexico City. “What you wear every day is your own form of self-expression, so we wanted that to be true when you work out too. Part of what makes people’s workouts feel routine simply comes down to the depersonalization of their very own dry-fit workout clothes – it’s oftentimes difficult to find an option that really fits how unique each person is when the options are only plain colors, large logos or some patterns that don’t say much. So because of this, we wanted to launch our own ‘dry-fun’ line through Michelob Origins to show how everything, including your workout and the clothes you wear while you workout, doesn’t need to be on repeat.”

The “Train your FUN Side” campaign film highlights the repetitiveness of different workout routines and the lack of individuality when it comes to the clothes people are able to wear while working out – that is, until Michelob Origins is introduced. People are then seen not only wearing the new line of T-shirts, but they are also shown changing up their workout routines to embody their full self expression. The film was directed by one of the hottest music video directors named CLIQUA, and Do It Again by The Chemical Brothers is the soundtrack of the spot. 

“‘Train your FUN Side’ is much more than a campaign. It is a clear and visible action with which we intend to change the beliefs that exist around having a more active life,” said Alejandro Gutierrez Cuellar, Director of Premium Brands of Grupo Modelo. “Where many people see routine, effort and sacrifice, we see that things are only worth it if we know how to enjoy them. Today, Michelob Ultra enters the sportswear business hoping that more people feel attracted and less afraid when seeking a healthier life through sports.”

With the coordination of Mercadorama, the sportswear line was designed in partnership with 8 Mexican artists, including Monica Loya and It’s a Living, where the brand wanted each of the Michelob Origins T-shirts to have a unique design that will suit all types of personalities. All of the artists included are: 

  • Monica Loya (@monicaloya)
  • It’s a Living (@itsaliving)
  • Dave Ordnajela (@deeeiiv)
  • Dozer (@dozergirl_)
  • Pogo (@heypogo)
  • Roji (@rodrigoroji)
  • Raúl Urias (@rauluriasart) 
  • Hola Lou (@holalou) 

The campaign will be featured on Digital and OOH in Mexico. In addition to the film, the “Train your FUN Side” campaign features a series of content and posters that will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, there will be a display event for the new line where models will wear the 16 different T-shirt designs, but instead of using a traditional fashion walkway, they will be walking on treadmills. This event will also be attended by renowned influencers, as well as the illustrators involved in the design of the collection. Also, Michelob Ultra will have a pop up store inside of one of the most popular sportswear and street style stores in Mexico City, called Lust, as well as at different contact points such as Mercadorama, where consumers will be able to purchase each piece, starting on January 26.


Agency: GUT Mexico City

Client: Grupo Modelo

Product: Michelob Ultra

Campaign: Train Your FUN Side

CCO & Partner: Nacho Ferioli

ECD: Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen

Creative Director: José Marío Muñoz

Creative Director: Rodrigo del Oso

Associate Creative Director: Diego López Oliva “Pájaro”

Associate Creative Director: Diego Rojas “Brontis”

Production manager: Aida Garatea

Managing Director: Camila de Almeida Prado

Account Group Director: Elizabeth Reyna

Account Supervisor: Paulina Vogel

CSO: Samantha Hernandez

Director of Strategy: Alejandra Margain

Production Company: Landia

Director: Cliqua (RJ Sanchez and Pasqual Gutierrez)

Executive Producer: Ezequiel Avaro

Production Director: Thomas Amoedo

Director of Photography: Patrick Golan

Postproduction Company: COMPPO MADRID

Postproduction Coordinator: Luciano Taccone

Editor: Matt Schaff/ Charly Pérez Unda

Animator: COMPPO

Color Correction: Jacob Hackee

Music: Do it Again by Chemical Brothers

Design and Sound Mix: Barbas de sal

Client representatives:

Name: Fabio Baracho Martinelli

Position: Marketing VP at Grupo Modelo

Name: Alejandro Gutierrez Cuellar

Position: Global, Premium & Craft Brands Director at Grupo Modelo

Name: Ines Garza Estrada Berg

Position: Brand Manager Michelob Ultra at Grupo Modelo

Collaborating Agencies

Digital and SoMe: VMLY&RPR: TrendSetera

SourceGUT Mexico City & FAB News

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