Ocean Protection NGOs Partner With Creative Coalition To Challenge World Leaders To ‘Listen To The Ocean’.

At the One Ocean summit in Brest, France, Ocean NGOs will challenge President Macron and other world leaders to turn words into action. The message is clear. There has been enough talking, it is now time for action to protect the Ocean. If we don’t protect the Ocean, it won’t be able to help protect us from the climate crisis. 

First launched at the G7 and then Cop26, the Listen to the Ocean Campaign was developed by Creative Coalition founders Guy Moore and Pete Bracegirdle and will appear on billboards, digital and social.

Mirella von Lindenfels works with the High Seas Alliance and Deep Sea Conservation Coalition and said:    

“The Listen to the Ocean campaign has been successful in helping us galvanise and amplify the Ocean’s voice in climate change discussions over the last 9 months.  The role the ocean plays in protecting the planet has been largely ignored but this work is helping us to change that. It is urgently important that leaders commit to turn discussion into meaningful action to protect the ocean.”

Pete Bracegirdle added, “We wanted to give a voice to the generation who have the most at stake.  The young people all over the world, who more than anyone, will have to face the consequences of a lack of action from world leaders.  Andy Gallagher shot the campaign beautifully and delivered images that we hope will be very hard for the leaders to turn away from.”

List of NGOs:

The High Seas Alliance; Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition; Deep Sea Conservation Coalition.


Agency: Guy Moore + Pete Bracegirdle, Co-Founders, Creative Coalition

Client: Mirella Von Lindenfels, Communications Inc.

Photographer : Andy Gallagher

Post Production : Joanne Stubbs

Creative Artworker : Hayley Dixon

Digital production: Joe Constanti, From The Root

Source: Creative Coalition

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