Pereira O’Dell and Fifth Third Bank Introduce the ‘BuyNow Blocker’

The ‘BuyNow Blocker’ promotes financial education, encouraging people to think twice before purchasing unnecessary items, and instead save for essentials.

With that cute bag on Instagram just a click away from your closet, hyper-targeted social media advertising has made us more vulnerable to impulse buying than ever. So Fifth Third Bank partnered with bi-coastal creative agency Pereira O’Dell, to create a campaign that turns advertising on its head, “blocking” social advertisers in favour of educating people to make more informed financial decisions. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down, the aggressiveness of retailers has increased markedly, and the push to move product has become greater than ever, along with repeat, non-stop advertisements. The result? Consumers are spending more and saving less. Now, meet Fifth Third’s “BuyNow Blocker” a data driven media buy which is designed to make you think twice before purchasing an unnecessary item and encouraging you to save for an absolutely necessary item.

This strategic social campaign was created as a response to the hyper-targeted social media advertising that floods our feeds and plays on our impulses like never before, leading people to spend more and save less. The “BuyNow Blocker” does not require a plug-in or download. Fifth Third just bought some of the most sought-after terms, just like the retailers. 

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness around Fifth Third Bank’s free automatic savings products, which provide customers with a better and easier way to save for the things they really need. Here’s how the ‘BuyNow Blocker’ works: Instead of viewing a regular social media ad, users will view a minimally branded message that highlights the type of ad he or she might get served. For example, a “BuyNow Blocker” ad might read: “This could have been a handbag ad.” 

Team Credits:  

  1. Robert Lambrechts – Chief Creative Officer
  2. Jean Morrow – Creative Director
  3. Katie Coward – Art Director
  4. Will Martin – Copywriter
  5. Natalie Nymark – Managing Director
  6. Kevin John – Brand Director
  7. Kate Alders – Brand Manager
  8. Ellie Caldwell – Strategy Director
  9. Damara Dikeou – Social Strategy Director
  10. Haley Carter – Social Strategist 
  11. Khadija Karodia – Jr. Strategist & Community Manager 
  12. Julia Golub – Associate Director of Media & Performance
  13. Niko Santore – Associate Media Planner
  14. Monica Hyde – Production Coordinator
  15. Jonathan Carl – Sr. Copywriter
  16. Sara Muchnick – Copywriter

Source: Pereira O’Dell

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