Piracy is a bad deal – new campaign from the Swedish Intellectual Property Office

Mr. Suffocate, Pro Pollution and Go Blind – a new range of products just in time for this year’s Christmas shopping.

Every year, knowingly or unknowingly, Swedes buy millions of pirated goods. Products that have been manufactured under poor working conditions with neither your safety nor the environment in mind. Cheap? Yes, but not cool! 

Based on the fact that it’s also difficult to distinguish genuine goods from pirated copies, PRV (Swedish Intellectual Property Office) wants to educate the masses when and where people are looking for items online.

So, just in time for this year’s x-mas shopping they joined forces with multi disciplinary creative agency Ehrenstråhle to launch a whole new range of knock-off products, along with an online shop called “The Bad Deal Store”. All products are cunningly named after the risk you are taking, and the industry that you are supporting, when buying them.

“The bad deal store” campaign site. Link: https://endaligaffar.prv.se/en/

Source: Ehrenstråhle

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