“Repeat After Me: I’m Unique” ColaCao Campaign By Contrapunto BBDO

For over 75 years, ColaCao, the cocoa powder drink, has accompanied the breakfast of many Spaniards, becoming one of the most beloved brands in the Spanish market. Since its origin in 1945 it has been involved in the physical, intellectual and emotional growth of the youngest members of the household, an effort that this year culminated with the creation of the ColaCao Foundation, which represents an essential step towards this goal.The brand’s social purpose is to fight against bullying, focusing on empowering boys and girls to bring out the best in themselves, being authentic without fear of rejection and respecting the differences of others to build a more diverse society. 

Contrapunto BBDO, ColaCao’s creative agency, has created the campaign “Repeat after me, I’m unique – Repeat after me no to bullying” which focuses on promoting the uniqueness of each boy or girl in favour of a more diverse and more equal society and fighting against the greatest enemy of child diversity: bullying.

Tomás Ferrandiz. Executive Creative Director
David Balbás. Creative Director
Alba Da Virgi. Art Director
Alba Jordan. Copywriter

SourceContrapunto BBDO & FAB News

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