Slice Design creates branding for new breakthrough innovation

VIRUSEND™ is a groundbreaking innovation designed to protect individuals from the ever-present threat of coronavirus. The new multi-surface disinfectant spray is the world’s first and only disinfectant available to consumers that is proven to kill the pandemic virus, SARS-CoV-2, to the BSEN:16777 standard.

Developed in conjunction with the British Army, VIRUSEND™ combines military expertise and a scientifically advanced formulation with advanced 360 degree technology to support key workers, businesses and the public on the front line of this global outbreak.

In order to create the pack designs for this revolutionary spray, VIRUSEND™ sought the help of London based studio, Slice Design. Slice were tasked with creating the brand identity, packaging and website design for VIRUSEND™. 

Consumers say they are anxious about touching objects and interacting with people and want the confidence to safely return to some sort of normality. That’s why Slice rooted the brand in the spirit of “To the rescue!“. VIRUSEND™ is your go-to guardian against coronavirus.

The pack features an icon attesting to the spray’s unique, military-grade formula which is proven to kill coronavirus in just 1 minute. This stamp of authority signals that VIRUSEND™ gives assured protection at rapid speed.

Alan Gilbody at Slice Design Limited helped to explain some of the design features on pack. 

“Combating coronavirus commands expertise and a trusted pedigree. The designed borrows strong military credentials in order to highlight efficacy. Impactful chevrons and functional typography highlight next generation virus elimination. We wanted to create the ‘A-Team’ of cleaning sprays!”

 VIRUSEND™ Founder, Michael Pritchard had this to say:

“2020 has seen the rise of a pandemic not witnessed since the Spanish flu of the early 1900’s. I truly believe this is the only way we can successfully tackle this crisis. Getting the country moving again after months of lockdown can only happen if we have an environment that is safe. Schools, hospitals and public transport have become hotbeds for transmission and will only get back to normal once people are confident that it’s safe to use these services. For the past few months Pritchard Spray Technologies has been working on a military grade, sustainable, antiviral spray in partnership with the British Army. The result is a breakthrough technology with a high degree of efficacy which is proven to kill coronavirus, in just one minute. We believe that VIRUSEND™ offers a breakthrough in the global battle against Covid-19 and together we will defeat it.”

Source: Slice Design.

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