Stories Of The Biggest Marketplace In The World By DUDE For eBay

eBay is more than just your average e-commerce site: it’s a marketplace of buying and selling of just about anything you can think of, from the weird and the wonderful to the practical and the functional. It’s a whole world where millions of people share interests and passions, an inspiring place that stimulates people and stories. 

eBay – C2C Campaign – Long Cut ENG from DUDE on Vimeo.

In a bid to celebrate the community behind the biggest marketplace in the world, independent creative and production network DUDE have created a new multi-channel creative platform ‘Inspired by an eBay story’ for the Italian private seller consumer market.

‘Inspired by an eBay Story’ tells the story of a guy who buys himself a new phone then has the good fortune of winning an identical one. Nice problem to have right? In a flash of inspiration, he lists the extra phone on eBay which opens the door to the various stories of potential buyers and underpins the infinite selling possibilities that eBay offers to every private seller.

The multi-channel campaign runs until 27th March and comprises of TVC, radio, digital and social all in Italy. Media planning was by Mediacom. 

Lorenzo Picchiotti, CCO of DUDE comments: “The best bit of a creative format is to see how it can evolve while maintaining consistency over time. And it is what happened with this campaign that is a new chapter of the platform “Taken from an eBay story”. The stories generated by the brand community are once again at the centre of the story, but with one with a substantial change in language and treatment.”


Chief Creative Officers & Partners: Livio Basoli & Lorenzo Picchiotti

Creative Directors: Davide Labò & Luca Riva

Senior Copywriter: Emanuele Accurli Abenante

Senior Art Director: Davide Bodano

Junior Copywriter: Tommaso Spada

Junior Art Director: Oscar Frizzi

Client Service Director: Elena Panza

Account Director: Piera Colasante

Account Manager: Giulia Visconti

Strategy Director: Marco Mammino

Senior Strategist: Michelangelo Ferracane

Head of Content: Ludovica D’Aquino

Integrated Production Director: Matteo Pecorari

Head Of Physical Production: Simone Raddi
Producer: Valeria Mazzotta 

Producer: Michele Pasini

Post Production Supervisor: Seba Morando

Video Editor: Federica Ruggeri

Motion Graphic Designers: Gabriele Frigimelica

Media Post Production: Alberto Bussoleni 

Regia: Alex Gargot
Direttore della Fotografia: Tommaso Terigi
Colorist: Giorgia Meacci
Set Designer: Andrea Faini 

Styling: Alessia Fornara & Francesca Fusi
Make up: Valentina Rodella
Music: Don’t be silent
Mix: Fullcode
Voice Over: The Log

Source: DUDE

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