The Gate Launches A Membership Drive Campaign For The Military Officers Association of America

The Gate, a full-service advertising agency just launched their newest campaign for long-standing client, The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), the nation’s largest and most influential association of military officers.

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MOAA has 350,000 members and want to add to that number and retain the members they already have. So, The Gate created a campaign that attacked the challenge from both directions.

To add members, they came to a simple but powerful insight: Strength in numbers. A story that military officers would, no doubt, find compelling. Quite simply, the more members MOAA has, the more likely Congress will listen to them and that’s good for everyone.

In the digital video campaign, an aerial shot of thousands of military officers are depicted gathering into different symbolic shapes. Each of which represents one of the things MOAA is fighting to improve, such as health care, family programs and retirement pay. Once the point is made, officers can go to a “Join Now” page.

“Military officers have always fought for the greater good. In these videos, we found a powerful way to show it,” said David Bernstein, Chief Creative Officer at The Gate

But, that was just half the job. Once on the site, what would entice them to join? And for existing members, what could be done to convince them to upgrade their membership and stay active? It’s the personal benefits members could get, if they were just more involved and the real benefits, both personal and financial, that others were already enjoying. “You know…a fear of missing out strategy,” Mr. Bernstein continued.

The Gate created a new webpage, in partnership with MSQ sister agency, twenty-six, that not only revealed many of those benefits. But showed how much money and how many officers had already used the benefits.  

According to Nancy Aresu, President of The Gate, “It begs the visitor to question, if all these other officers are taking advantage of those benefits, what am I waiting for?”The initiative not only gives officers a reason to join, but a reason to stay and have a deeper relationship with MOAA.

Kathy Partain, MOAA’s Vice President of Membership and Marketing, commented, “The campaign puts the spotlight on the power of membership for the greater good and the individual good.”

The new campaign will launch nationally across multiple digital channels, including Roku, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as key internal communications vehicles to reach members.  

The webpage can be found here:

Source: The Gate

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