‘& The Network’ – Two UK Creative Agencies are founding partners of new Global agency network

Two UK based creative agencies, Rehab and Free Turn, today announce their involvement in & The Network, a revolutionary new global agency network led by former Grey Global Creative Chairman, Per Pedersen.

& The Network is a curated global network of the very best creative talent hand-picked by Pedersen. It’s founding members are recognised as a new breed of creative agency, created to tackle the challenges facing modern marketers and CMOs. The forward thinking collective offers disciplines and specialists including brand experience, entertainment, tech innovation, music, digital products, sustainability solutions and more, with 16 founding agency partners across more than 20 countries.

& The Network offers a fresh model with no central force. It’s rigorously democratic, owned by each of the member agencies and operating on a profit share system. 

In the UK, creative technology agency Rehab and entertainment company Free Turn are the founding members of & The Network. They join in the pursuit of the optimal modern client offering through open, fluid collaboration with the other members, well-suited for a future of innovation and flourishing creativity. 

Rob Bennett, Founder, Rehab commented: “We’re equal parts delighted and excited to work with this extraordinary collective of boundary-pushing agencies. Brands are having to pivot exceptionally fast to meet changing customer behaviours, so alongside this incredible mix of creative disciplines, our design-led approach to technology, innovation and digital product creation will add to the competitive edge of & The Networks global offering.” 

Jon Hamm, Founder & CEO, Free Turn, commented: “We are thrilled to be a founding member of & The Network. The creative caliber of the people and specialist agencies involved and the ethos it is built on made the decision to become a member a no-brainer. Consumer behaviour is shifting at the speed of culture – we need to captivate their attention with modern marketing solutions. We are immensely proud to be part of this progressive agency supergroup and are already beginning to light fires together.”

Per Pedersen, Founder, & The Network, commented: “It’s time to re-think what it means to be a network, to ask whether we are set up for the future and to solve today’s challenges for our clients. In answer to this, I’ve gathered a global creative dream-team of the best of the best creative people I’ve met and worked with over the years. All are extraordinary creative mavericks behind some of our industry’s most exciting agencies, and all have a long trail of outstanding creative work. & The Network is not owned by money, instead we are owned by the agencies. This means that the agencies remain truly independent and stay creatively focused. We have no fancy headquarters, we’re instead all obsessed with great ideas. ”

& The Network is open for business now, with 16 founding agency partners covering 20+ markets, including:

  • Australia – Shelly Beach Motorcycle Club
  • Canada – Ostrich Co
  • Denmark – Worth Your While
  • France – Herezie
  • Hungary – White Rabbit
  • Japan – Mr+Positive 
  • Mexico – Founders
  • Netherlands  – Amsterdam Berlin
  • Panama – Libre 
  • Spain – _2045
  • Sweden – Farm 
  • United Kingdom – Free Turn, Rehab
  • USA – The Sway Effect, Marvin, SMALL

Source: & The Network

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