White Bear Creates A New Brand Identity And Website For Stribe

This vibrant, new visual identity propels Stribe into the forefront of workplace wellness, heroes the brand’s core values, and solidifies their commitment to employee happiness and passion for sense of community.

‘We found that our old brand wasn’t reflective of our upbeat, positive, and characterful personality… With this rebrand, we set out to retain the human, fun-loving and friendly elements that have endeared our earliest customers to Stribe while creating space for the brand to grow’ Lucy Harvey, Head of Marketing at Stribe

The employee welfare and engagement sector is a crowded industry category with many of its players presenting similar offerings which are all too familiar, repetitive and formal. As the latest player in the field, Stribe was not only offering an employee engagement solution against competitors’ pigeon-holed offerings, but also building empowered communities.

In the words of Stribe, ‘engagement starts by really understanding your team’. Stribe has a completely fresh approach to employee happiness in the workplace – their fully customisable pulse surveys create purposeful, real-time responses that enable action. They work closely with their clients through every step of this process in order to fully understand their values and objectives and for their client base to maximise the benefits reaped from utilising this game-changing platform.

Stribe’s brief to us was two-pronged; to come up with a clear, differentiated, and compelling value proposition as well as a brand refresh. With this rebrand, we set out to retain the human, fun-loving and friendly elements while creating space for the brand to grow and connect with more organisations in the future. The character illustrations which highlight how employees may be feeling, reflect real emotions in an honest way and cover a full range of feelings. The choice of a bright, uplifting yellow as the hero colour was chosen to demonstrate that this is how Stribe wants people to feel – happy and energised.

‘Working with the super-smart brains over at White Bear… What we realised was that a lot of their success comes from the incredible connections they’ve built with the people who interact with them. How? They clearly communicate what they stand for. Not only that, but they go above and beyond’ – Stribe

White Bear is a creative agency specialising in purpose-led brand and campaign work. They work with both challenger and established brands in the food, beverage, retail and tech sectors.

Source: White Bear Studio

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