Xylem and Brave unite to highlight world water shortages with ‘The End of Football’ campaign

Global water technology company Xylem have teamed up with creative agency Brave, on a new film and campaign to drive awareness of escalating water challenges.

Released on World Conservation Day, ‘The End of Football’ is the latest brand activation through Xylem’s partnership with Manchester City to educate football fans about the serious and growing water challenges facing our planet. Award-winning London agency, Brave, was the creative force behind this latest film. Its parent company, SPORTFIVE, manages Xylem’s global partnership with Manchester City.

The film, featuring multiple Manchester City footballers, aims to capture the imagination of football fans by depicting a world without water. Filmed in the club’s famous Etihad Stadium, the video shows the detrimental impact that water complacency can have on society, including football, as it tracks one girl’s journey as a Manchester City fan.

A staggering five billion people – almost half the global population – currently live in areas that are water-scarce at least one month per year and, by 2045, projections estimate that more than five billion people could suffer water shortages. Recycled water is one long-term, sustainable solution to water scarcity. For many football fans the reality of living with extreme water scarcity is now just one generation away.

Media strategy is being led by Xylem’s global communications partner and SPORTFIVE, PR agency Edelman, with Pumpkin PR leading the media outreach on behalf of Brave.

Declan Garvin, Business Director at Brave said: “The whole Brave team is thrilled to continue maximising the potential of the Xylem-Brave partnership for such an important and pressing global issue as water shortage. This latest brand activation builds on the success of The Changing Room campaign ensuring that sports fans the world over are made aware of global water challenges and solutions.

Joseph Vesey, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Xylem, added“Though the End of Football campaign was conceived and shot before the coronavirus pandemic brought a temporary halt to football, the message behind the campaign has never been more appropriate. With the support of the Club and its legions of fans, we have the power to elevate the conversation on water conservation and create a more sustainable future for all.”

The film was made before coronavirus halted football

Source: Brave

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