3yo Spot is Eerily Perfect for Today

Newburyport agency Mechanica was faced with the challenge many agencies are similarly dealing with now: How could they produce a TV campaign for client Forcepoint when they couldn’t hire a crew, go on location or even leave their houses?  

Desperate for a way to still make creative content despite the stay-in-place restrictions, the Mechanica and Forcepoint teams went through old archives, discovering a stroke of serendipity in the form of eerily-perfect footage from a previous campaign three years ago.

The old spot was called ‘Burning Questions,’ and conveniently featured a lonely commuter riding a vacant train and walking through an empty city, serving as an apt picture of today’s reality. After a new voiceover was done in a remote, makeshift recording booth, a new spot called ‘Together,’ was formed.

FORCEPOINT_Together _60 from Mechanica USA on Vimeo.

“Together” highlights our ability as humans to collaborate even when unexpected adversity tries to push us apart. As a human-centric provider, Forcepoint is here to not just protect, but also to safeguard the potential to work, innovate, and help us feel safe as we adjust to new norms.

Source: Mechanica

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