A Moustache | My Moustache’ new campaign from Proximity Spain

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month, peaking on 19 November with International Man’s Day. And it is a month where a male attribute—the moustache—takes pride of place as a way to support men with prostate cancer, through the #Movember movement. But if we look back a few years in the life of some men, to their teenage years, we will discover that this same attribute, their moustache, can be a real cause of complex for many teenagers starting to grow what is known as a ‘fuzztache’ or ‘bumfluff’, amongst other things.

This is the insight being used by Gillette, in collaboration with Proximity Spain, in their new campaign, entitled  ‘A Moustache | My Moustache’ with the claim ‘It takes a real man to start being you’.

Gillette has brought this campaign back to revindicate inclusive masculinity, focussing now on a key moment—puberty—a stage that sees the beginnings of the man that each boy will be in the future.

The men’s shaving brand aims to encourage young men to start being themselves and for nobody, not even a brand like Gillette, to tell them what they should do with their physical appearance.

The campaign

The campaign revolves around a fun ad featuring some boys using a song as an anthem to make themselves gradually feel better about their first ‘peach fuzz’. The author of this popular song, called ‘Moustache’, is Stephen Collins Foster, the composer of the classic ‘Oh, Susana’, amongst other songs. His lyrics aim to empower teenagers who notice the beginnings of their first moustache, talking about how good it is to have a good moustache.

The ad will be on TV on 18 November, during the Spanish team’s qualifier for the UEFA Euro 2020 final tournament. And it will be seen on TV and on different digital media over coming weeks.

The campaign also includes a 60” digital ad that will be hosted on the hayquesermuyhombre.es website, in addition to a brand day on YouTube coinciding with International Man’s Day, and a display campaign.

Anyone who wishes to join the conversation can do so using the campaign hashtags #MyFirstMoustache and #ItTakesARealMan.

The campaign also has the collaboration of the celebrities who participated in the previous Gillette #ItTakesARealMan campaign: Paco León, Dani Martín, David Silva, Jesús Vidal, Pau Ribes and Rubén Errebeene. They will all post content relating to the campaign on their social media profiles to encourage young men to start being themselves. 

Source: Proximity

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