Appetite Creative Creates Global Content Hub For PI Healthcare

PI Healthcare, experts in stakeholder strategy for the global healthcare, device, biotech and pharmaceutical industries, has partnered with leading creative technology studio Appetite Creative to launch a global content hub.

“Targeting leaders in the healthcare profession, the content hub we created is anchored in Brussels and Tel Aviv, with users assigned to the most relevant location,” said Jenny Stanley, MD at Appetite Creative.

Attendees can access ten concise and practical lectures, with two interactive seminars, to navigate through recent major clinical and therapeutic innovations in healthcare. At the end of each video, specific questions must be answered to move to the next one. If an incorrect answer is chosen, the platform prompts them to watch the video again. Users can then sign up for two live seminars, which are added directly to their agendas. Questions collated from each of the sessions can also be delivered to the speakers to follow up with directly or to answer in the live sessions.

“At Appetite we built the custom platform to host the content hub which attendees can access via personal invites. The hub collates user feedback to inform improvements in the experience and track how attendees engage with the content,” said Jenny.  

As experts in healthcare, PI Healthcare was looking at new ways of engaging with opinion formers and experts and the sophisticated technology behind this new content hub allows them not just to deliver best-in-class content, but to understand exactly how the audience is interacting with it, which is critical for further development.

“Video content is such a significant engagement driver for brands, particularly right now, as virtual engagement becomes a priority,” said Jenny. “There is a key role for development teams to play in this ecosystem, to ensure deeper levels of audience engagement and more effective brand conversations. Our intelligence led website development approach does just that and our work with PI Healthcare is a great example of content and technology combining to create a smart and efficient platform.”

“Launched in October, the first hub summit has already seen 55 users invited and registered, and has delivered over 5,000 video views, with more than 700 of these completed views. We are very excited for the rest of the sessions,” said Jenny. “We’ve also seen a fantastic engagement rate with 95% users who were invited signed up and 90% of users also joined a follow up seminar afterwards.”

Source: Appetite Creative

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