Avon launches new Power Stay line with Brazilian athletes

Brand bets on the sports world to show high-performance, long-lasting makeup

What better way to launch a long-lasting line than with women practicing sports and wearing impeccable makeup? The idea came last year, when Marta, the world’s best soccer player, starred the campaign for the Power Stay liquid lipstick, and entered the pitch during the World Cup wearing lipstick. The lipstick was intact throughout the match.

This year, Avon invited athletes Pâmela Rosa (owner of world record in street skateboarding), Raissa Machado (owner of Paralympic record in javelin), and Vitoria Rosa (Olympic Brazilian sprinter) to join Marta in the campaign for the new Power Stay collection.

The collection has a super new item: the stick, the lipstick main format consumed worldwide, with polymer technology patented by the brand – intact lips, without transfer and with high pigmentation for up to 10 hours. Another item is the liquid concealers that last 18 hours, thanks to its ConforLast formula, an intelligence that keeps pigments in place and guarantees that the product looks like it’s been recently applied. This same technology is found at the Power Stay Liquid Foundation, which guarantees plenty of comfort throughout its use, and makes the skin tone uniform.

The campaign #VeioParaFicar was inspired by the everyday lives of professional female athletes in Brazil, where there is little incentive and recognition.

The film was created around a mantra that values this female drive to celebrate overcoming challenges every day. This mantra is also a link connecting the lives and difficulties of athletes with the ones from each and every Brazilian woman, who needs to overcome challenges every day just for being a woman. 

Through the launches of the Power Stay line, the brand has found a new territory in the beauty category: the sports world, which takes makeup from the locker room to the handbags, in addition to connecting and proving different product attributes. The campaign will be on air from September 21 to October 22 on network and cable TV, as well as OOH and branded content. 

Title: The Mantra

Agency: Wunderman Thompson Brazil

Client: AVON
Product: Power Stay Line

CCO: Keka Morelle

Creation Director: Danilo Janjacomo

Writer: Ariane Polvani, Andressa Cruz

Art Director: Camila Rodrigues, Larissa Domingues

Executive Business Director: Larissa Zucatelli 

Customer Service: Mariana Franco, Sarita Nishimaru

Head of Connections: Stella Lopes

Media: Carolina Bertão, Junior Domingues, Rafael Viberti, Rodrigo Saviano, Camila Camilini, Lucca de Crescenzo, Thais Anízio

Planning: Juliana Meirelles, Sabrina Teixeira, Jackson Santos

Content and CM: Mariana Hasselmann, Adriana Cuellar, Grazielle Gervasio

Edition: Gabriel Maria

Influence: Carolina Bertelli, Hadassa Ferreira 

PR: Andrea Assef, Vivian Zeni

Client Approval: Danielle Bibas, Viviane Pepe, Juliana Barros, Lucas Fajardo, Andrea Echeverri, Miguel Marsicano, Diego Santelices, Ariane Pires, Wanderlei Augusto Biancão Junior, Aline Viana

RTV Production: Ana Mello

Production Company: Damasco Filmes

Director: Mari Jorge and Will Etchebehere

Executive Producer: Milena Trindade and Carlos Righi

Customer Service: Sheila Souza and Olívia Fuchs

Photography Director: Will Etchebehere

Production Coordinator: Alessandra Meireles

Coordination Assistant: Ana Alegretti

Production Director: Cris Moura

Production Assistant: Breno Oliveira

Assistant Director: Lipp Sant’angelo

2nd Assistant Director: Gabriela Lima

Art Director: Ale Maestro

Art Assistant: Joana Brasiliano 

Scene Technicians: TC Cenografia

Stylist: Tathiana Yumi, 

Beauty Artist: Mari Kato

Hair Stylist: Welida

Cast Producer: Carolina Bertelli

Location Producer: Bel Aquino

Partners in Orlando (daily filming with Marta Silva): Nico Hardy (Photography Director), Javier Romero (Assistant Director), Flavio Dumaine, Alvaro Krupkin, Majo Cisneros, Pedro Cox (Production), Luza Jaramilo (Hair/Beauty), Karol Lopez (Stylist)

Post-production and Finalization coordination: Nathalie Rueda

Editing: Ivan Kanter Goldman, Rebecca

Colour Granding:  Marla Colour Granding

Post-Production:Clan VFx

Sound Producer: Evil Twin Music

Creation: André Faria, Murilo Faria

Producer:  André Faria, Murilo Faria, Rafael Vieira, Mateus Polati

Customer Service / Coordination: Juliana Tangary and Carolina Couto

Source: Wunderman Thompson

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