‘Build Me Somebody to Love’, the latest Kaspersky documentary created by Beta Alliance, explores whether ​it is ethical for humans to forge sexual relationships with technology

The documentary is supported by influencer content featuring two adult entertainment influencers interviewed by Sylvia, a porn avatar

Created by Beta Alliance’s in house creative and production team, the 20-minute documentary tackles the practical and ethical implications of humans’ developing sexual relationships with technology, ultimately posing the question: Is it possible (and if so) is it then moral to have a romantic relationship with a robot?

The documentary explores these controversial themes through interviews and stories from the world’s first sex robot brothel to the visionaries who want to revolutionise elderly care through robots.

The 60 Second teaser:

The Full Documentary:

The launch is supported by an influencer campaign starring adult entertainment influencers, Stoya and Jessa Jordan who are interviewed by the porn avatar (the star of the documentary) Sylvia discussing the implications of technology for adult entertainment.

You can watch the interviews here:



Episode 2 titled: ‘Build Me Somebody to Love’, follows the success of episode 1 ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ which has over 400K views and900 YouTube comments. It is the latest episode in cybersecurity brand Kaspersky’ series ‘Imagine Beyond’.

‘Imagine Beyond’ is one of three hero series that sits on Kaspersky’s content platform ​Tomorrow Unlocked​. Each episode tells an incredible story of how technological advances or affects our world to subtly link to Kaspersky’s cybersecurity offering and the wider role technology has in supporting humanity.

Rainer Bock, Head of Content on Kaspersky’s Tomorrow Unlocked platform said: “​In times when it has become a rare luxury to meet friends, the question how we can become friends or even lovers with technology obviously is highly relevant. We have done research into the emotional dependency from mobile devices before and clearly saw that people today actually already have a sort of emotional relationship with their phones. So the question for this film was: if technology looks human, acts human and feels human – will we be able to fall in love with it?”

Beta Alliance’s Creative Lead Matt Walker said: “Kaspersky pushes the boundaries of technology and innovation, with Imagine Beyond dealing with the complex issues and controversies that advancements in technology can impose; the latest episode ‘Build me somebody to love’ is no exception. We feel privileged to have worked with experts in the field of human-robot relationships and influencers Stoya and Jessa Jordan who gave us unique insights from their experiences of the adult entertainment industry. This documentary sheds light on a taboo subject and the issues surrounding it.”

Kaspersky is a multiple award-winning cybersecurity provider for consumers and businesses.

Source: Beta Alliance

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