Burger King turns McDonald’s into their own takeaway restaurants

Burger King Finland places outdoor ads outside its competitors restaurants, promising free delivery if you set your pickup location to a McDonald’s restaurant.

Burger King turns local McDonald’s into their delivery hot-spots. Helsinkians can order out Burger King and pick up their order from their nearest McDonald’s restaurants free of charge from the 29th of June to the 1st of July. A local food delivery and takeout app Wolt (similar to UberEats) is in with the prank.

“Nearly every district in Helsinki has a McDonald’s restaurant. Sadly Burger King is not quite as common. We feel for the whopper-less city dwellers of these regions. We know how it feels like to yearn for the taste of our juicy flame-grilled burgers. But lucky for them, there’s an easy fix,”says Kaisa Kasila, Brand Manager of Burger King.

Campaign revolves around outdoor advertising in a few carefully selected places near local McDonald’s restaurants. It can also be spotted on social media where micro influencers share their experiences on the free delivery.  

Source: Burger King

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