Burns Group Launches “IT’S A BEERACLE” Campaign for Blue Citra by Labatt

Independent agency Burns Group and FIFCO USA are launching “It’s a Beeracle,” their second campaign for Blue Citra by Labatt, which offers consumers a hoppy beer that’s easy to drink without compromising on flavor. With “It’s a Beeracle,” the brand is unveiling a new character to demonstrate that Blue Citra truly is the best of both worlds — it’s hoppy and refreshing. 

Launching today across Hulu, Instagram and Pandora, the campaign introduces beer drinkers to “Citra Man,” a Blue Citra zealot, enthusiastically promoting the attributes of the beer. Along with his hype team, Citra Man spreads the good word about the beer we’ve all been waiting for. A beer that is truly a beeracle.

Blue Citra is the beeracle the world never knew it needed but can no longer live without. Throughout the series of short and long form video content, Citra Man speaks to the masses, extolling the virtues of the beer in impassioned speeches, song, and interpretative dance. He even comes equipped with his own hotline. 1-866-A-BEERACLE is an interactive way to record consumers’ beeracles in their own words. 

Burns Group worked with director Michael Illick at production company Arts & Sciences to develop the series of 13 0:05 to 0:30 second videos. The spots feature Citra Man spreading the good word about Blue Citra in a variety of settings, including one-on-one conversations and on stage in front of a large gathering of beer fanatics looking for that flavor balance.

“It’s a Beeracle” will run across Hulu, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Pandora through the remainder of winter. “We are really proud of this work and have a ton of respect for our client’s willingness to push the creative. Many brands would have been too scared to go there with us” said Burns Group Executives Sam Arcade and Nicole Lucey.  “Beer is a tough category, the creative bar is high, we needed an idea worthy of this innovation for Labatt. We needed a Beeracle and we got one.”

“Blue Citra by Labatt introduces an entirely new flavor profile into the Labatt family and answers consumer’s desire for a beer that’s both hoppy and refreshing,” said Rob Hertenstein, Labatt brand manager. “With an innovation this exciting, we knew we had to have a breakthrough campaign. ‘It’s a Beeracle’ cuts through the noise to clearly communicate how great Blue Citra is. It’s a fun campaign that we believe will drive a lot of attention to the beer.”

Source: Burns Group NYC

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