Butterfly Cannon steps into Positive Fashion with the brand identity for luxury footwear brand DHAMI London

Starting with just a handful of sketched shoe designs and a very passionate client, BC worked with Priyanca Dhami, owner and creative director, to discover her unique brand story in this competitive high-end market. We defined the brand positioning before creating the brand’s identity spanning: naming, product names, TOV, art direction & lookbook, branded literature, website design, social content and packaging design.

Priyanca is a great advocate of positive luxury. Following a bout of polio as a child, she is unable to wear her creations but champions their empowering effect. Her purpose is to allow others to live their best and most beautiful lives. Born and raised in Rajasthan, her source of inspiration, she now designs beautiful shoes from her London studio, to be handcrafted in Italy.

DHAMI London marries classic lines with seasonal exotic colours and jewel adornments made of Swarovski crystals. Targeting the market in London and the Middle East, the name credits the inspiring founder whilst rooting it in her fashion capital home.

From the name grew the monogram which subtly nods to the ‘P’ of Priyanca. Inspired by the ancient arches of Rajasthan, the continuous line represents her journey, playfully and dynamically brought to life within digital. A hot pink, royal blue, and neon yellow colour palette, set against a backdrop of sophisticated neutrals pay homage to her Rajasthan upbringing. This followed through into our dynamic editorial layouts, using bold, colourful lines hinting at the DHAMI icon and cropped photographic art direction, giving it a contemporary London vibe. This is elegantly playful footwear with an elegantly playful identity.

Storytelling is at the heart of DHAMI, of Priyanca’s childhood and the journey her designs have taken through Rajasthan, London and Italy. So for the bags and shoe boxes we created layers of discovery that make unboxing into an experience, perfectly suited for the all-important seeder packs.

In less than 12 months of meeting, when Priyanca had just her handful of product sketches, we are proud to report that the DHAMI brand is now stocked in high-end concept stores across the Middle East and most recently in the department store Harrods. Also in the pipeline is the e-commerce presence which will allow her clients to buy directly from DHAMI.
The future is looking #SODHAMIGOOD  

DHAMI London – Inspired by Rajasthan, Designed in London, Made in Italy.

  “Butterfly Cannon successfully captured the ethos of DHAMI London and built it into a real tangible brand identity, I really couldn’t have done it without them! Staying true to my Rajasthan roots while giving it a place in the London high fashion market, they have given DHAMI the perfect foundation to grow from. Butterfly Cannon has done a really fantastic job and were a real pleasure to work with – I even ended up naming one of my shoes after one of their team!” 
Priyanca Dhami, Founder & Creative Director of DHAMI London

Source: Butterfly Cannon

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