Carex celebrates the unsung key workers of Covid-19

Carex has launched a new campaign to thank its key workers and the ‘unsung heroes’ of Covid-19. 

In a new series of films, ‘Helping Hands’, Carex thanks its key workers for ensuring soap and hand sanitizer have been accessible to people working on the frontline, as well as the vulnerable, throughout the pandemic. 

When Covid-19 hit, Carex sold out across the UK for several weeks, forcing the brand to turn off its advertising so as not to irritate its consumers. Carex responded by tripling production, and instead of using the new supplies to boost its own sales, it began donating millions of units to key workers, the elderly and the homeless via charities such as Aid UK and MacMillan Cancer Support 

‘Helping Hands’ sets out to publicly thank the unsung heroes who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to turn this production around – the engineers, lab technicians, factory line managers and forklift truck drivers. 

The series of individual stories feature the hands of five members of staff, who each played their part during the crisis in making sure people in need could gain access to Carex. 

Source: IRIS Worldwide

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