Cheil Worldwide’s HOPE TAPE sends faces of missing children to our doorsteps through 620 thousand delivery boxes

Cheil and Korean National Police Agency created a packaging tape carrying information on 28 long-term missing children

On International Missing Children’s Day (May 25), Cheil Worldwide and Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) announced the launch of HOPE TAPE campaign to help find long-term missing children. In South Korea, 661 children have been missing for over one year, and 638 of those have been missing for more than five years.

Cheil created a new packaging tape – also named HOPE TAPE – which contains details of 28 children who have been missing for a long time. With HOPE TAPE, boxes delivered to every corner of the nation will be transformed into a new medium to spread information that are crucial in finding missing children.

HOPE TAPE carries children’s photos taken at the time of their disappearance, their age progression images using KNPA’s technology, and other information including their physical features and places last seen. It also contains QR code that connects to police’s dedicated mobile app where people can report and search about missing children, and register fingerprints of their children that can be later used in case of disappearance.

From May to June, HOPE TAPE will be used in packing 620 thousand parcels to be delivered across the country through courier service providers Korea post and Hanjin Transportation.

KNPA said, “We ask for the urgent attention and cooperation of citizens and communities around the country to help give hope and encouragement to families of children who have gone missing. By organizing the HOPE TAPE campaign, we seek to draw attention to this terribly sad situation.”

Seongphil Hwang, creative director at Cheil Worldwide, said, “With Coronavirus outbreak, people tend to stay home and use more of door-to-door delivery service in that parcels can be a highly effective medium to spread information of missing children. We wish HOPE TAPE provides real help to families who would not give up on searching their loved ones.”

Cheil also created a film that shows the process of how HOPE TAPE is made and delivered; promoting in concert with KNPA, Korea Post, and Hanjin Transportation via official websites and social media channels.

Cheil plans to open its design right of HOPE TAPE to companies and organizations who wish to participate in to further spread the campaign.

Source: Cheil Worldwide

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