Domestic Violence Charity ANAIS and Cheil Romania Create The #IsolateViolence Campaign to Raise Awareness of Abuse During Lockdown

Cheil Romania is continuing to support the work of ANAIS, the anti-domestic violence association, with a new campaign that warns of the dangerous escalation of abuse that the lockdown has already incited. 

Three heartbreaking new films and three new print executions all carry the hashtag, #IsolateViolence, and urge people to call the emergency services if they hear anything suspicious. A dedicated website, has also been set up. 

The films take the statistics and graphics that have become familiar on the news in relation to the coronavirus epidemic, and provide an alternative version that highlight the increase in domestic abuse that inevitably occurs in parallel with the spread of Covid-19 and enforced social isolation.

Three print versions provide a chilling twist on the images of the virus under the microscope that we are accustomed to seeing on the news and in public information films, again carrying the #IsolateViolence hashtag and an appeal to call the emergency services. 

Carmen Nemes, president of ANAIS Association, said: “These are indeed very troubling times for everyone, but the plight of the women locked inside an apartment for weeks on end during curfews next to a violent partner is particularly dire. We want to inform society about the issue and we urge the authorities to intervene promptly when any act of violence is reported.” 

While social distancing is massively helping the overburdened healthcare system, another dangerous virus is spreading in people’s homes. Domestic violence has registered a surge as those with an inclination towards abuse are spending more time in uninterrupted contact with their victims. Sometimes in the same room, as more than 55% of Romanians live in overcrowded homes, according to Eurostat.

One million Romanians (out of a total population of 19.5 million) has entered technical unemployment status because of the lockdown. Every 30 seconds a Romanian woman is beaten, and 30% have been physically or verbally abused from the age of 15. In the current pandemic, these numbers will increase. 

Mihai Gongu, Executive Creative Director at Cheil Romania, said: “At Cheil, we have always been fully committed to doing good with data and helping communities with work that changes behaviour for the better. This campaign was the first work produced since the agency switched to working remotely, just like our clients and production partners.” 

Source: Cheil Romania

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