EE create Network Envy with poetic campaign featuring spoken-word artist, Hussain Manawer

EE enlists acclaimed spoken-word artist, Hussain Manawer, to celebrate the EE community in 1-minute film created by Wunderman Thompson UK.

EE is the UK’s no. 1 network, 7 years in a row, making it the most enviable network. To celebrate the EE community, and remind customers they are part of something great, EE has launched a new campaign speaking directly to their customers through the power of spoken word. Developed by creative, data and technology agency Wunderman Thompson UK, and featuring acclaimed spoken-word artist Hussain Manawer, “The Envied” is a 1-minute film telling Hussain’s story of what it’s like to be part of the most enviable network.

Hussain, who has been an EE customer for 5 years, crafted a story exclusively for the network about the perks of streaming, gaming, chatting, working out, checking the score, keeping in touch and expressing yourself. “The Envied” is a celebration of the strong, confident feeling that comes from being on the best network, brought effortlessly to life with Hussain’s passionate, tongue-in-cheek and upbeat narrative. Following Hussain as he walks the streets of London, the story is brought to life further with typography and motion. The campaign also includes an AR filter on Instagram allowing customers to put themselves in Hussain’s shoes, as one of the envied. 

Hussain Manawer said of the experience, “I use poetry to express my thoughts and feelings, and part of that is connecting with people on a deeper level. Being asked to celebrate a whole community of people, a community that I am in every day was a fantastic experience.” 

Hussain’s poetry has led him to support Oscar winning actress Cher, pop-star Ellie Goulding and share global stages with leaders like Justin Trudeau and Kofi Anan. He also holds the world record for the world’s largest mental health lesson, alongside King’s professor Dame Til Wyke. Most recently Hussain penned a poem to mark St. George’s Day in partnership with The FA and Heads Up, alongside Prince William.

Gemma Lavelle, Head of Marketing Communications at BT & EE said, “Collaborating with an artist such as Hussain has been a hugely rewarding experience. What better way to connect with our customers than to let one of our customers do the talking – quite literally. Hussain perfectly celebrates what we work to achieve for our customers every single day.”The video is now live on EE social channels and MMS

Source: Wunderman Thompson

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