Female Tribes Network (FTNetwork) Launches – A Ground-Breaking New Social Media Platform By Women For Women

Yesterday 28th April 2020 saw the launch of Female Tribes Network (FTNetwork), a new social network that connects, inspires and empowers incredible women around the world.

Working in partnership with Wunderman Thompson and the Women’s Global Index study – in-depth research into women that has also been used for the book New Female Tribes and the BBC documentary series HER Story.  

The research found that all women fit within at least one of 11 ‘tribes’ (https://www.ft-network.com/our-tribes  – Wonder Women, Foodies, Glowgetters (skincare and beauty), STEM, Fashion & Style, Girls Who Sweat, Her Business, Her Home, Culture Shapers, Love, Sex & Relationships and Explorers) and so the network is structured into these 11 diverse groups. They cover everything from fashion, business, beauty and lifestyle, to sectors that are often under-represented among women such as STEM, explorers and culture shapers.

The network has brought together more than 100 initial Founding Members, made up of influential and inspiring women, to help shape the discussion and provide a supportive framework for change.

The Founding Members are aligned with the Tribes that reflect their own areas of expertise and life experience, allowing users to learn from them and interact with the women who have blazed their own trails.

FTNetwork features:

●      Interactive member feeds and online communities that provide a safe space for women where they are not pitched against each other, but instead can celebrate, support and empower one another through life and business

●      Live streaming, including inspiring interviews and panel discussions from Founding Members, research, brand partners and leading influential women

●      No interruptive programmatic ads – just authentic, organic, ad-free content

●      A platform to find mentors and to be a mentor

●      Placing like-minded women together through the 11 key tribes

●      A creative and business hub.

Rachel Pashley, author of New Female Tribes and Head of Female Tribes Consulting at Wunderman Thompson, explains, “To truly inspire and empower women, we need to change the conversation and recognise the value of female capital and the true economic value that they bring to the world.

“Defining women according to their responsibilities or age is both problematic and limiting. Instead, celebrating their achievements and aspirations is what will really inspire others and boost confidence along the way.

“The research has shown that social media is the number one purveyor of negative stereotypes.

That’s why the network is structured into multiple Tribes, to uncover diverse interests and passions so that women can support each other in a more meaningful way.”

Amy Williams, Managing Director of FTNetwork, says, “This is a huge movement within the women’s sector. Now, more than ever, the world needs community and networks where people can connect via shared interests.

“With many of the working spaces and physical communities now closed for the next few months, there has never been a greater need for a safe space where women can come together to share their experiences, support each other and make new friends.”

Anyone wanting to join the platform to meet other influential and inspiring women, help shape the discussion and provide a supportive framework for change can register at www.ft-network.com

FTNetwork launches first in the UK and will expand quickly to other markets. The network will include both free and premium areas and expects to expand to offline events and other forms of media later this year. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Source: Wunderman Thompson

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