Fever Unlimited Launches New Brand Proposition And Refreshed Visual Identity

Agency’s mission centres on ‘Inspiring Action in a World of Distraction’

Fever UNLIMITED has today unveiled a new proposition and identity, reflecting the evolving way people interact with brands. The new proposition – ‘Inspiring Action in a World of Distraction’ – aims to create work that cuts through the myriad of distractions facing today’s consumers by delivering insight-driven, culturally relevant work that gets to the root of what they care about. 

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The proposition takes inspiration from scientific studies that reveal the astonishing amount of information the human brain processes every single day – over 6,000 thoughts, more than 100,000 words and a total of 34GB of information. 

‘It’s harder than ever to capture the imagination of these distracted minds’ says Caroline Farley, Fever’s Managing Director. ‘With so much daily information to process, time-poor consumers naturally shun brands and invest their attention in the things they are most passionate about’. 

‘Our approach focuses on intricately understanding our audiences’ lifestyles, life stages and mindsets rather than applying a gross generalisation based on their demographics, explains Farley. ‘We know that outside of factors such as work, sleep and education consumers have very little leisure time, and therefore it is crucial to interrogate how and where that time is spent. It is only by understanding our audiences’ passion points and wider view of the world that we can enable brands to fit meaningfully into their lives.’ 

The new proposition is supported by a proprietary framework ( EMMA™) developed in conjunction with UNLIMITED’s Human Understanding  Lab – a collective of neuroscientists, research practitioners, trends analysts and behavioural scientists who are experts in emotional understanding. 

The EMMA™ framework outlines how to effectively infiltrate the brain’s decision-making process and identifies the three core components – Emotion, Motivation and Meaning – that influence consumer behaviour and drive Action. 

Fever’s Creative Director, Jo Chappel, says: ‘We know decisions are made through the interplay between our emotional and rational levers and the EMMA™ approach helps us hone our thinking to align with this.’ 

‘Creativity plays a huge part in stimulating all three factors that influence decision making. We start by simply asking ‘why should anyone care?’ We focus on the emotional response we need to trigger in our audience and build our work around that, embracing moving picture, images, experiences and words to deliver powerful, emotive and visually-driven storytelling’. 

‘Meaning and motivation are derived from a broader understanding of the situational and cultural factors impacting people’s decision-making process. Putting an astute understanding of the cultural zeitgeist at the heart of the agency’s creative approach has been the catalyst for many of our award-winning campaigns and something we will continue to put front and centre of our thinking.’

Fever’s Creative Producer, Rob Thorogood, has produced a brand film unveiling the new proposition, linked here – and the agency’s logo, social channels and website, designed by Fever’s in-house Studio, have also been updated. 

‘It’s been a real team effort re-shaping the agency’s offering, with a coming together of our greatest strategic and creative minds,’ adds Farley. ‘We have some of the best talent in the industry and we worked hard to create a collective vision we can all rally behind. The emphasis on inspiring action is as much an internal manifesto as an external one – demonstrating our commitment to learning, keeping our eyes open to the world around us, being plugged into people and culture and, crucially, bringing that knowledge and stimulus into work and leveraging it for the benefit of our clients.’ 

Source: FEVER Unlimited

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