GoDaddy celebrates British entrepreneurial spirit by highlighting small businesses in new national marketing campaign

  • GoDaddy puts UK small business customer, Look Mum No Hands, at the centre of its new marketing campaign, including in a prime-time TV advert
  • Bike café Look Mum No Hands shows how simple and easy it is to set up a website with GoDaddy, story told by actor and comedian Javone Prince
  • By celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, GoDaddy aims to encourage aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs to turn their passions into reality by getting online

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the company empowering everyday entrepreneurs, is celebrating British small businesses by launching a new marketing campaign starring successful British entrepreneurs.

The national campaign, created with creative agency VCCP, shows how real businesses work with GoDaddy to create an online presence and grow online. It seeks to harness the British entrepreneurial spirit and encourage people with a passion to turn their ideas to reality by starting their own business and taking it online.

The first business on the screen will be Look Mum No Hands, a bicycle workshop café. The business is portrayed in their own respective advert and narrated by British comedian and actor Javone Prince. Prince tells the story of how GoDaddy helped get their businesses up and running online. In the TV spot, Look Mum No Hands shows how getting online was the natural next step for growing their business and GoDaddy was the right hand to guide them on this journey.

Actors representing the people behind each business are seen to join forces with GoDaddy to get a domain name and build a smart, easy-to-use website.

Throughout 2020, GoDaddy will be showcasing the success of a number of British small businesses in both television adverts and out of home spots across the UK. GoDaddy hopes that by profiling the success of real small businesses, more British entrepreneurs will be encouraged to make their idea a reality and join the millions of UK entrepreneurs already thriving online.

James Eadie, Brand Marketing Director EMEA, GoDaddy said: “We’re excited to be using this year’s Campaign to showcase GoDaddy’s very own UK customers. We hope the campaign will reach thousands of aspiring British entrepreneurs and inspire them to unlock their full potential. By using real-life business owners, we want to spread the message about championing the entrepreneur and supporting small business growth.”

Matthew Harper, Co-founder of Look Mum No Hands: “GoDaddy played a key part in getting this business to where it is today – a popular café workshop, with a strong online presence and customer base. We know first-hand how difficult it can be to launch a business online with no guidance, which is why we’re so pleased to be a part of GoDaddy’s new campaign. We are proud to be a GoDaddy success story and hope that our journey can inspire other UK budding entrepreneurs to take the plunge.”

Ross Neil, Deputy Executive Creative Director at VCCP: “We’re thrilled about the evolution of the GoDaddy work into the latest Campaign. Telling the story of real customers and highlighting their passions is truly inspiring. Pairing Javone Prince as our narrator, along with the directing skills of Pensacola production team, led to creative with some real swagger. There’s a lot to say in these ads, so having a narrator who comes from the more classical world of theatre added to the message.”

Source: VCCP

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