Havas Media Group Launches Global E-commerce Offering Havas Market

Media agency furthers commitment to creating more meaningful shopping experiences for consumers and driving meaningful growth for brands in Commerce

Havas Media Group announces the launch of Havas Market, a strategic full-service eCommerce offering. The group is designed to create a more meaningful shopping experience for consumers, allowing them to find products easier and buy more seamlessly. The consultancy will support clients looking to transform their commerce approach, whether Direct to Consumer, via Retailer Marketplaces or driving In-Store. 

Jess Richards, EVP Managing Director, Commerce, will lead it in North America; previously, she served as Havas Media’s Head of Social, growing the division’s North America’s practice by over 350% over the past five years. Context, content, and connection will remain at the center of this new practice, marking Havas Media’s latest commitment to creating Meaningful Media Experiences.

“As the agency that is built on delivering the best possible Media Experience and which has invested in and investigated what we call ‘Meaningful Media, we see an opportunity in the retail and commerce space to deliver a more meaningful media experience for consumers.We felt it important to solve for the barriers consumers face when interacting with retailers’ digital platforms, creating a more seamless customer journey,” said Havas Media Group Global CEO Peter Mears.

Havas Market will help brands rethink the retail journey and, in turn, reach an engaged audience across a highly competitive category. Comprised of eCommerce experts across the globe, the full-service  offering will support brands across all product insight; content experience; and when, where, and how to drive sales across the full shopping ecosystem. Brands within and beyond the retail sector will receive strategic counsel around how to identify the right customers, where to retail, how to show up in retailers’ marketplaces (e.g. Target, Amazon, Walmart), and more. The approach will be guided by Havas Media’s unique Mx process that uses connection, context and content to create the most meaningful experience for a consumer.

“As a customer, I think shopping today should be easier. By creating a better experience, we can help brands keep top of mind and find new customers; driving meaningful business growth,” said Jess Richards, EVP Managing Director, Commerce. “We’ve identified human-based shopping pain points, such as trying to sell a product to someone who just bought it, excessively retargeting a person who looked at one product, or serving poor information around what remains in stock. We’re committed to finding actionable solutions to these problems across the whole experience”

To pull from expertise across markets, Richards and team have created an advisory board, called the Commerce Accelerator Group comprised of rising stars across the United States. This accelerator group will help drive thought leadership and identify new ways to help brands rethink customer relationships, driving deeper understanding across all aspects of the commerce journey.

Source: Havas Media Group

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