HELL-P. The first record you can play in hell

Special release of the single “Repentless” from SLAYER’s final live album. Strictly limited.

SLAYER – one of the biggest metal bands of all times – is finally leaving the stage. The band is touring the world for the last time with their last studio album “Repentless”. In November 2019, the band released their final live album “The Repentless Killogy” – recorded on the Final World Tour.

The first record you can play in hell.

SLAYER crowns their last tour with an iconic surprise: The HELL-P. It’s the world’s first fire resistant record, you can actually play in hell. The 6,66” single is made from stainless steel. Fire resistant up to 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,832 Fahrenheit). The surface is made of metallic copper.

“Four decades ago, SLAYER taught the world what hell sounds like. Nothing was harder, faster and meaner. To this day they are the icons of Thrash Metal. So, it only makes sense that the one music that is played in hell comes from SLAYER”, explains Thomas Knüwer, Executive Creative Director Kolle Rebbe, the idea behind the HELL-P. Derived from “LP” (short for “long play record”), the artificial term HELL-P underlines the hellish dimension of SLAYER.

Only chance to get access: Set the HELL-P on fire.

The packaging of the record consists of a cardboard case which comprises a black inner sleeve. This sleeve contains the HELL-P and is completely sealed. Leaving you no other option than to burn your way to the 6,66 inch single.

The HELL-P contains the title track of SLAYER’s latest album “The Repentless Killogy” and opening song of their Final World Tour setlist: Repentless. Recorded live at the Final World Tour.

“The world’s first fireproof LP, and that for Slayer – the packaging fits the contents perfectly,” says Bettina Dorn, Senior Director Brand Partnership & Licensing, Warner Music Central Europe. “Slayer have shaped Thrash Metal like no other band in the last decades and together with Nuclear Blast Records we are very proud of their latest work, which thanks to Kolle Rebbe could now be heard in hell.”

6 HELL-Ps are going to SLAYER fans. 

Six HELL-Ps will be given away to fans via the label of SLAYER, Nuclear Blast. Until 31st of January 2020 on the label’s website at http://www.nuclearblast.com/hellp. Accompanied via the official social media channels of the band and the label.

Source: Kolle-Rebbe

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