ITA AIRWAYS Celebrates Valentine’s Day With The Campaign “Love Is In The Airplane Mode” By We Are Social

ITA Airways invites all people in love to spend February 14 in Airplane Mode, rediscovering small moments of intimacy with their partner.

 Plane journeys often spark small, unexpectedly romantic moments between couples because of one particular condition – the absence of the constant distraction of the smartphone once airplane mode is switched on.

It’s this insight which is behind ITA Airways’ Love is in the Airplane Mode Valentine’s Day campaign, which suggests couples spend the day together with their mobiles offline, as if they were in flight.

In the film, we see couples find time to laugh about the little moment together, make plans, and enjoy simple intimacies like resting a head on their partner’s shoulder. Airplane Mode becomes a space where they can live in an atmosphere of togetherness and understanding. ‘Love is in the Airplane Mode’ coincides with the launch of a Valentine’s Day promotion, which people can only access when they put their device in Airplane Mode.

The campaign has been created by We Are Social Milan, with production handled by We Are Social Studios.


Agency: We Are Social Milan

Executive Creative Director: Alessandro Sciarpelletti

Executive Creative Production Director: Daniele Piazza

Creative Director: Paulo Gonzalez, Mattia Lacchini

Creative Supervisor: Michele Vicari

Creative: Francesco Ravelli

Senior Art Director: Eleonora Errigo

Mid-Weight Art Director: Giulia De Chirico

Editorial Supervisor: Alessandro Romeo

Editor: Carolina Valaguzza

Writer: Linh Vu Thuy, Simone Calvi

Strategy Director: Francesco Marcucci

Strategist: Marco Picardi

Head of Client Services: Miguel Lima

Account Director: Elisa Menghi

Account Manager: Silvia Daniele

Account Executive: Giorgia Cassina

Production: We Are Social Studios

Head of We Are Social Studios: Sandro Amabili

Producer: Amalia Sylos Calò

Direction: Nicolò Bravetta

Dop: Alessandro Pavoni

Editing: Luca Garavoglia

Color: Danilo Vittori

Sound Design: Room 1025

Original Music: Alessio Miraglia

Source: We Are Social

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