Lewis Moberly design Lefranc Bourgeois 300th anniversary gift boxes

To celebrate Lefranc Bourgeois 300 Anniversary, leading design agency Lewis Moberly, have created the packaging design for a range of four gift boxes.

Established in 1720 Lefranc Bourgeois are a leading brand of artists’ materials, iconic and revered by professionals and amateurs alike.  Used by generations of masters; from Cezanne to Monet, Degas to Van Gogh.  Each commemorative set has been created to celebrate the superior qualities of their products.  These vibrant, collectable gift boxes will help raise brand awareness, increase sales and reach new customers.

Bringing 300 years of heritage to life

The key design challenge was to create an eye-catching and collectable set of four carefully curated product combinations.  Each one specific to a different paint medium. Balancing 300 years of heritage with relevance to today’s budding artists. 

Mary Lewis, Creative Director, Lewis Moberly commented: “Iconic brands play confidently with their equities. With Lefranc Bourgeois’ fabulous history, it would have been easy to be nostalgic. We made the heritage work with contemporary relevance, a brand of today and tomorrow. We delved into their archives, and uncovered vintage assets charting the decades. Reframed across four gift boxes, the quality of each medium was showcased. Opaque gouache, translucent oil, vibrant acrylic and intense ink.”

The result is a set of packs combining Lefranc Bourgeois archive material with contemporary painterly marques.  Beautiful enough to catch the eye, intriguing enough to draw in new audiences and bold enough to engage with today’s artists.  Each box has been designed to work at point of sale to create a repeat of the LB logo.

Lewis Moberly created a suite of animations to bring each gift box to life.  To be used across website, sales platforms and social media.

Dorothee Pezin-Nixon, senior global brand director, Lefranc Bourgeois commented: “Lewis Moberly’s designs beautifully convey the high quality of our paints, which have been used by many of art history’s modern masters as well as a new generation of artists, while also celebrating this landmark anniversary year for Lefranc Bourgeois. We’re looking forward to the next 300 years of creativity!”

Source: Lewis Moberly

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